Spare Part Replacement

Spare parts

Apple products are known for their quality and durability. Should your MacBook or iMac start showing signs of wear and tear, worry not because we have the perfect replacement parts for all your Apple PC needs, guaranteed by our skilled technicians and Dr. Gadget’s company policy.

Battery Replacement - Having enough power to get you through the day is vital for your Macbook Pro’s and Air’s out there. Be it for your business, work, or studies, you will only feel at ease knowing that a battery replacement will get your PC’s on tip-top condition. Hop in our stores to get your battery replaced in no time.

Hard-Drive It Up - For you who likes to kick it up a notch on your power and memory, we sure have the necessities to meet your upgrading needs. While it is important to note that not all accessories are compatible, consult with Dr. Gadget and we will guide you on what areas of your MacBook and iMac which can be upgraded to bring you to another level of high gear.