Sparepart Replacement

We know your device keeps you connected in many different ways. We all rely on our devices to connect with family members, colleagues, business prospects and so much more. If you’ve recently experienced damage to your device, we can help you to get connected again quickly and easily.

Is your Device Button Broken? Don’t worry, we can help!

If you’ve had your iPhone or iPad for a while you may be noticing wear or malfunction of several buttons on your iPhone or iPad. The most common malfunction is that of the home button and power button. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered in a matter of ONE HOUR maximum (for iPhone).

Battery, The Life of Your iPhone or iPad

Your battery keeps your iPhone or iPad functioning throughout the day, but what happens when this essential part stops working? Whether you’ve been the victim of a counterfeit battery purchase or your battery has simply stopped working, we can help. Don’t fall for cheap imitations; get only the best replacement parts for your device for optimum performance. Let us help you to get the right battery for your iPhone or iPad. All batteries provided by Dr. Gadget are under warranty for 60 days.

Oh no, my screen is cracked!

The screen on your iPhone or iPad or is an essential part that must function to keep your iPhone or iPad working properly. We know that accidents happen and in the blink of an eye your screen may be  shattered. Other problems may also occur through water damage or pixels dying within the screen in older iPhone or iPads. Fortunately, we can help you in just 45 minutes to get your iPhone back into working condition for a better day. If your iPhone or iPad is suffering from these problems we can fix it with genuine brand new LCD for optimum results.
The Best Warranty in Town

We warranty all of our products and your entire iPhone or iPad for up to 90 days and all repairs are guaranteed during this period as well. In fact as long as no additional defects are found we will warranty your entire device for 90 days from the time of service completion. So get your iPhone or iPad back in top condition with confidence at Dr. Gadget.