Gadget Guard

At Dr. Gadget we know that keeping your iPhone or iPad in top shape is a high priority for our customers. We want to help you to plan for any damage your iPhone or iPad may suffer with the Gadget Guard Service Protection Program.

What is Gadget Guard?

With Gadget Guard you can prepare for the unexpected to keep your device in top shape always. Forget high priced repairs or the expense of replacing your phone, get total protection for your phone even in the event of liquid damage or cracked screens. Instead grab the Gadget Guard from Dr. Gadget to prepare for the unpredictable that we can encounter in everyday life. Much like insurance the Gadget Guard plan provides total peace of mind for users who rely heavily on their iPhones and iPads.

Who is eligible for Gadget Guard?

Anyone can purchase the Gadget Guard Service Protection Plan from Dr. Gadget. Choose from our many plans for the protection that’s right for you. Basic plans cover minor damage like cracked screens. You can also choose to get more protection, even total iPhone or iPad replacement with our Platinum Plan. Protect your iPhone or iPad and get peace of mind with the Gadget Guard Service Protection Plan today.

How does Gadget Guard work?

  • Purchase the Gadget Guard Plan from any Dr. Gadget for your iPhone or iPad.
  • Use your device as you normally would with confidence.
  • Contact Dr. Gadget in the case of damage.
  • Select the protection that’s right for you by selecting from our Silver, Gold, or Platinum package. Terms and conditions may apply, please see a Dr. Gadget representative for more information.

Get the Gadget Guard today and be protected from any damage that your iPhone or iPad screen may suffer. Choose the best plan for you to get the protection you need at a great value. All plans renew annually to allow you to enjoy total device protection at great low prices. With complete protection you can have peace of mind that your iPhone or iPad will remain in tip top condition. There are no questions asked with the Gadget Guard plan and you'll never have to worry about any hassle when you contact us, simply request your service or replacement to get your iPhone or iPad back into tip top condition fast. Get your Gadget Guard plan today and be prepared for whatever comes your way!