Why Choose Dr. Gadget?

  • Reliable Repairs, Accurate Diagnosis

    We pride ourselves on outstanding service as a market leader in iPhone or iPad repair throughout Indonesia. With an exact diagnosis for your ailing iPhone or iPad we can get you connected again fast. If your iPhone or iPad does not need to be repaired there will never be a charge for diagnostics. Pay for only the repairs you need and only if the repairs are successful. We also provide the ultimate in quality control to make sure that your iPhone or iPad is back in top shape before you leave Dr. Gadget. We are meticulous in our check in check out process to be sure that you get the best service each time you work with Dr. Gadget.

  • We Fix It

    If your iPhone has issues that we can repair with our spare parts we will do it the same day right in front of you. Battery replacement takes around 15 minutes and LCD replacements take as little as 30 minutes for full repair. Other services may also be eligible for same day repair allowing you to see the repairs performed on your iPhone.

    For iPad, it has to stay overnight, this is because the iPad uses glue to stick the glass digitizers to the body. So we always need at least 24 hours for the glue to dry up.

  • Longest Warranty

    We give the longest warranty in the industry. Battery warranty will get 30 days and warranties involving repairs in other areas are covered for 90 days. If no other damage is found within your iPhone or iPad during our exam then your entire iPhone or iPad, each part whether repaired by us or not, will be under the full warranty for 90 days. Warranty would not cover physical damage, and would be void if gets liquid damage after repair.

  • Expert Technicians For IC And Motherboard Problems

    Get the best service for your iPhone or iPad with our top notch technicians. No company in Indonesia can boast our level of service. In fact many other Repair Service Center s may do more harm than good when it comes to repairing your IC or motherboard.

    Don’t risk your iPhone or iPad with cheap repairs and mediocre technicians. They may use trial and error to fix your iPhone or iPad, this often results in added damage that will ruin most iPhone or iPads. In fact some customers come to us with missing IC’s and damaged motherboards we have no way of repairing.

    Get it done right the first time with the experts at Dr. Gadget for the best service and an exact diagnosis with accurate repairs.

  • Full Refund If Your Device Can’t Be Repaired

    If we can’t fix your iPhone or iPad you will always be guaranteed a full refund. Even if we fix your device and the same problem persists within the warranty period we will refund any fees for your services. You only have to contact us, fill out a form request, and return any spare parts you may have received for a full refund. All funds will credit back to your bank after your refund request has been approved. This is just another way we serve you with trust and integrity. At Dr. Gadget we want to be the best, refunding your service fees when service is unsuccessful is the best practice for us and our customers. Never risk throwing away your money on useless repairs again with Dr. Gadget !