How to Take Care of Your Mac Computer with Simple Tricks?

Service MacBook Jakarta - Buying a computer or laptop with a Mac system is a significant expense. Therefore, this computer must be taken care of in terms of hardware and software maintenance, doing this can be very profitable. This way we make it last longer. We've prepared this article with some simple recommendations to do that can keep your Mac with you longer.

Apple computers are characterized by their simplicity and, of course, their specific operating system. Many people end up choosing computers with this one system because they are much simpler than Windows and more reliable. But the truth is that beneath a minimalistic look with large icons that are highly controlled and colorful, hides a variety of great features and tricks that can make you fall in love with your Mac or MacBook computer. Here we leave you some tips that can help you to strengthen your connection with your computer. Simple but very useful.

Ctrl + Alt + Delete on Mac

We start with something very basic. Yes, because if your rival has something good then you should have it, although few know where it is. Ctrl + Alt + Delete is one of the most famous Windows commands, and at Apple we have a similar combination that you should know as one more resource when the computer system crashes. In this case you have to hold down Cmd + Option + Esc keys. You will jump into Activity Monitor.

Keep the Operating System Up to date

Apple publishes new versions of its operating system for free, so there's no reason not to update it. The new version has performance and security improvements to keep your Mac or MacBook computer running efficiently. Periodically check the Updates tab in the Mac App Store for operating system updates, and don't ignore notifications for updates that are ready to be installed.

Uninstall Apps You Don't Use

This is another way to clean your Mac computer to make it run faster. The fewer apps there are, the less “indexing” there will be and the faster the system will run. If you want to delete apps on Mac, all you have to do is: Beware of open apps at login

Like in Windows, when we have many applications that start when we start the system, we see that there is one more attempt to start. All you have to do is eliminate startup applications in the system. Luckily, on a Mac there isn't so much junk you'll want to start with the system, but there's always something.

If you don't know where it is, go to “System Preferences” and, in that section go to “Users and groups“. In this area, you'll need to select “Startup items“ to see which apps launch with the Mac, and remove, or add, depending on what you prefer. This is a very simple process that will make your Mac start up much faster.

These are some of the maintenance you should do on your Mac computer or laptop. And if you want to know more about this topic, you can contact us through the contact person Dr Gadget.

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