Who Says Macs Can't Be Gaming?

MacBook Repair Jakarta - The opinion of these gamers is highly agreed upon by them, it is that the PC far exceeds the Mac in terms of playing games. But that doesn't mean that Apple product users are automatically excluded from one of the most widespread recreational activities on our planet.

According to recent studies, it is estimated that by the end of this year there will be 2.7 million active gamers worldwide, a steadily increasing number that will exceed that number by 2022. Most computer manufacturers are trying to bring models to market that are adaptable for video games. as possible and more and more gadgets are designed to meet the needs of gamers.

It's true that Apple has never placed too much emphasis on providing facilities for users interested in video games, in large part because of its notorious rigidity when it comes to adapting to anything unfamiliar to it. Recently, there was a breaking news, and the gamer community did not welcome macOS Mojave with great sympathy for the news, the operating system for Mac.

The alarm went off when Apple announced its intention to move away from OpenGL and OpenCL in order to improve its performance, application programming interfaces (APIs), which meant, for example, hard news for most of the games available on Steam for Mac. However, this does not mean that games or applications with strong graphics that use OpenGL will no longer be able to run in the near future, but Apple will not support versions of the API in the future.

The Positive Part

First of all, when we talk about playing with computers, we should not just get hung up on video games which demand the most advanced technology. Because not every gamer has the same needs as professional gamers. For example, today's popular games such as blackjack, roulette or slots, which can be easily accessed from certain platforms, do not require large processors and are an increasing trend.

On the other hand, last year Mac users received good news about the launch of the first Nvidia Pascal driver compatible with Apple's computer operating system, which was a huge leap forward for the Apple company in terms of video game management.

Another element to keep in mind for every Apple lover is choosing the right Mac to enjoy the game with. Now the new and long-awaited MacBook Pro is here to enjoy, whose performance has greatly improved over the previous model, especially at 13-inch multi-core. The basics for choosing a Mac that's suitable for gaming include a fast processor or CPU, a powerful graphics processor, and a very fast hard drive or solid state drive.

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