5 Reasons the iPad is the Best Device for Playing Apple Arcade Games

iPad Repair Services Jakarta - The new monthly subscription video game service, Apple Arcade, is now available on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Mac. Our team of Dr Gadgets has had the opportunity to play several Apple Arcade games on various devices and have come to the conclusion that the best choice is the iPad. Why?

Apple iPads, especially the Pro models, boast the ideal combination of performance, optimization, convenience, ease of use, versatility and, of course, portability. And you will say: "iPhone is much more portable than iPad". You're not without reason to say that, but you will agree that playing on a giant screen is not the same as on a 6.5-inch screen.

Things could soon change, as Apple continues to improve hardware-related technologies in its products and developers have the ability to take their creations to new levels. But for now, if you want to get the most out of Apple Arcade, we recommend doing it on your iPad. And this is our reason.

1. iPad Compatible with All Games

If you really want to play every game available on Apple Arcade like a gaming maniac, then you need an iPad. The iPhone and iPad are compatible with all of them. However, there are some games that (yet) can be played on Apple TV and Mac.

2. The screen is not too big or too small

iPad screens, regardless of model, are perfect for Apple Arcade games. Keep in mind that most of the game options are "mobile games", so using a TV screen can be a little disappointing. And the iPhone's screen size, well, it's fine to use it occasionally, but if you've been playing for more than half an hour, you'll find your eyesight is trying too hard.

3. iPad Portability

Carrying iPad anywhere, you will feel very comfortable. Carrying a tablet is not the same as a laptop (including a mouse and its various peripherals). Not to mention the Apple TV, you have to plug in the cable, plug it in, etc. Thanks to iPad, you'll have a device that's the perfect size to take anywhere with ample extra space in your shoulder bag, in your purse, or in your backpack. 

4. iPad Works with Charm and Controller

Apple Arcade is a mobile video game platform, but has support from Controller Stick devices. At least most games it supports. And usually gameplay offers a more complete experience if you do it with a Controller Stick rather than a touchscreen. Of course, you may need a dock or holder. Yes, you can use a Controller Stick from your PlayStation or Xbox on your iPad to play Apple Arcade.

5. The New iPad is Relatively Affordable

We're not saying that if you don't have an iPad you should buy it just to play Apple Arcade, of course not. But if sometimes you feel that your iPhone is not enough and you need a more powerful device, maybe you should consider buying an iPad.

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