5 Objective Reasons Why iPhone is Better Than Android

iPhone Repair Jakarta - The smartphone market is currently dominated by iOS and Android, there is no other choice, so you are on one side or the other. The comparisons between the two are constant and we, of course, opted for the iPhone. Today we from Dr Gadget will tell you 5 reasons why iPhone is better than Android device on the market.

The things we present are strictly objective reasons that have no further material to discuss, and this is quite important when choosing a smartphone. Not everything can be compared, but here the iPhone is definitely the best.

Updates Over the Years

iPhones last years longer than Android devices and that's thanks to software updates provided by Apple. Apple guarantees for years to come for their software, this is very important because every update includes performance improvements, and also fixes possible privacy related errors.

iPhone lasts longer than Android thanks in part to careful updating. For example, Apple will update the iPhone 6s to iOS 14, a device launched in the market in 2015 that will receive support at least until the end of 2021, which means 6 years of updates. And also maybe for the following years. Very few brands on Android will offer updates over the next 2 years, and 6 years for which there may be no immediate updates.

App Store

Apps are developed better on iOS, that's something that doesn't just happen with proprietary apps, it also happens with apps that exist on both systems. It's because of the strict rules of the App Store or because of the tools that Apple provides, but the apps for iPhone are better. And all this without going into security, the control Google has with apps and the malware they carry is far less than Apple.

Best Processor on the Market

Nothing can compete with the processors owned by Apple. Be it Qualcomm with its Snapdragon, or Samsung with its Exynos, or Huawei with its Kirin, nothing can beat the power of Apple's processor. Currently, the A15 Bionic processor is still the most powerful on the market, and always performs at its best. Apple's processors are so powerful that they've also made their way into Macs with their M1 processors, and this is a vivid example of Apple's prominence in this area.

Very Important If You Use Instagram

If you're one of those who use Instagram on a daily basis, or one of those who make a living with the app, you just need an iPhone. Many reviews have pointed out that the way photos and videos are compressed on iPhone and Android is different, drastically reducing quality on Google's systems. This is something that everyone really wants. There's no reason for this difference, but it's obvious to the naked eye that iPhone is better if you use Instagram.

Privacy & Security

iOS is a more secure system than Android, Apple continues and continues to strive, with each update, to include privacy-related improvements. In device settings we can edit what each app can access individually and in iOS 14 new options are there, for example we can give app permission to access only one photo, notification of apps tracking you or knowing which apps are accessible to our device clipboard . This is an improvement that Android will take a long time to follow.

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