Have a Hobby of Drawing? Try These Free Apps on Your iPad

Service iPad - iPad is indeed one of the gadgets from Apple that has various uses, starting from making it easier for users to watch movies, play games, to do hobbies, such as drawing. Apple product lovers mostly choose the iPad because in addition to the wide screen, the iPad also has very qualified product specifications, such as reliable performance.

Therefore, for those of you who like to draw, of course you can use the iPad to make the best work. In addition to being quite easy to use, using the iPad for drawing is also useful for reducing paper usage, which will indirectly participate in reducing tree cutting.

But, do you know what applications can help users to be able to draw on the iPad? The following are recommendations for drawing applications on the iPad that can be used for free:

Adobe Illustrator

Who doesn't know Adobe? Besides being available on computers, Adobe also offers the best applications for the iPad with the aim of making it easier for iPad users to draw. You can download it on the Apple Store for free. With the various tools available, iPad users can use this application to draw or paint and also make sketches. Not only for iPad, you can also download Adobe Illustrator via iPhone.


As an application developed by Lucky Clan, you can use ArtStudio as an alternative to drawing on the iPad. Besides being able to be obtained for free, the features and tools provided by this drawing application are also quite complete. With this, of course, users can easily pour their work on this Apple tablet device.

Linea Sketch

Linea Sketch is also one of the recommended applications to make it easier for iPad users to draw. Because this application is very easy to use, so not only adults, even children can also use this application to draw. The features offered include a large selection of pencils and brushes, tip markers, and various background options.


The next application that you can choose is Penbook. This application can also be downloaded for free. In addition, there are various choices of types of stationery that can be used, namely: blanks, graphic-shaped paper, and other types.

Tayasui Sketches

The next option that you can use as a drawing application is Tayasui Sketches. This application provides many complete tools for drawing. In addition, there are many sizes of pencils that can be used to make sketches or drawing schemes. The rest, this one application can also be downloaded via the iPad for free.

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