Like Photo Editing? Try the Photo Editing Application for iPhone with the Following Results Like a Pro

iPhone Repair Services Jakarta - The best photo editing application for iPhone is really needed by iOS users. What's more, if their shots are deemed unattractive when viewed. Everyone knows that the iPhone camera does have the best quality in its class. However, to make the photos look more stunning, of course you need to make edits. Therefore, the presence of photo editing applications can help, especially for photography lovers to further enhance the images they produce.

There are several applications that you can use. You can enjoy various advanced and interesting features in the application. In addition, you can download the following photo editing applications for free on the AppStore. Instead of being curious, here are recommendations for photo editing applications that you can use:


VSCO is a photo editing application for the iPhone that is often used by celebrities. In fact, many photography lovers also use this one application.

The advantage of VSCO that you can enjoy is that there are many choices of features that can be used. Apart from that, you can also use some of the filters provided for free. However, if you want to use all the filters, then you really need to buy it in the fullpack version.

Afterlight 2

This application is a form of development from the previous application, Afterlight. There are so many changes to this one application, including the presence of far more filters than before. Not only that, this application also allows you to get realistic images with manual settings in it. This application is also quite light, where the capacity is only about 162.9 MB.

Prism Photo Editor

The next free photo editing app for iPhone is Prisma Photo Editor. Prisma Photo Editor offers very attractive filter results and can detect certain objects in photos. Besides that, in the various filter templates provided by Prisma, you can also edit photos using 3D effects. However, make sure your internet connection is good enough when using this app.


Snapseed is a photo editing application made by Google that is quite popular among iOS users. You can easily edit photos and also adjust the colors to make them look sharper. Snapseed is in great demand by iPhone users because this application is 100% free with a variety of interesting filters.

PicsArt Photo & Video Editor

The advantage of this photo editing application is the availability of various designs for photos, such as frames, stickers, and collages. In addition, through this application you can also delete or change the background of your photos. After your photo is finished editing, the results will be more attractive and instagrammable.

Those are some recommendations for photo editing applications that you can immediately download on your iPhone. We all know, that any technology will not last forever. In other words, various electronic objects can be damaged even if we take good care of them. And when your Apple product is damaged, you can take it to our service experts at Dr Gadget iPhone Repair Service Jakarta.

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Dr Gadget will also provide a warranty of up to 30 days to 90 days after the repair is carried out. No less interesting than they are very experts on IC and Motherboard problems, you also get a money back guarantee if your device can't be repaired. How, don't hesitate anymore, contact us now to get your favorite device you can use again. Or you can also go directly to the Dr Gadget service center closest to your location.

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