If You Like Photography, Buy iPhone, not Android. Why?

Service iPhone - When asking acquaintances, friends, or even just contacts on social networks for advice on changing phones, they almost always ask what requirements we need: Maybe you don't need much, just have to be cheap and simple of course with good photo quality . When they complete the answer to the question, you may be disappointed because camera quality is one of the characteristics that usually increases the price of a phone the most.

Over the years now, smartphones have taken over from compact digital cameras, eventually taking over from analog cameras. However, there is still one sector that remains strong, namely SLR or DSLR cameras. However, with the arrival of the iPhone 7 Plus and its portrait mode up to the current iPhone 13, its power has started to wane and now that many other phones are implementing this option, buying a phone with this type of camera is becoming a more professional decision than a personal one.

This is what a former Google executive, none other than Vic Gundotra, had to say, whom we have seen on numerous occasions delivering Keynotes regarding Android.

In a post on his Facebook profile he has written an opinion piece where he basically tells us that DSLRs for personal use no longer make sense. But in one of his answers, he went one step further and thought that it's better not to buy Android if we really like photography.

iPhone Is One Of The Best Image Capture, Without A Doubt

We have to admit that although we have taken the comments for what they are, in the opinion of an understanding person, it is surprising. Not because we believe that there are Android phones that always take better photos than the iPhone 7 Plus, but for a reason.

What we mean is that if we care about photography, we should have an iPhone. Point. And to defend that position, he commented on the two most important aspects of the iPhone, such as portrait mode and processing, which are certainly the two best things and where it is possible to beat all of its competitors. We would have thought that it was possible even though we haven't thoroughly analyzed the iPhone 7 Plus camera, but we certainly wouldn't be surprised if it did.

The iPhone Can't Compete All At Once

One of the best aspects of Android is its versatility and every user has a wide selection of catalogs available to choose the one that best suits their usage. If, for example, we really like photography for people, maybe the iPhone 7 Plus is the best choice. There are other models capable of using portrait mode like the Xiaomi Mi 6 or the OnePlus 5 and while both are compatible, the iPhone still stands above them.

However, it's not all about close-up photography of people. If we want to shoot landscapes or cities, maybe the dual camera LG G6 seems to be the best choice. On the other hand we have the famous night photography. While the iPhone has historically been one of the standouts here, Samsung has been doing wonders over the years on the Galaxy S and the S8 is a good example of this, perhaps the best.

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