MacBook Air 2020: Why It's Ideal for Students?

MacBook Repair Jakarta - Are you a student and are you thinking of updating your laptop? Before deciding on a particular model, there are several factors you should consider if you want to avoid the headaches of a device that doesn't suit your needs. At a time when the digitalization of education is accelerating at a rate previously unthinkable, you're likely to spend hours in virtual classes in front of your new laptop, so this device must be prepared to withstand those speeds intensely.

As such, Apple brand models are among the most in demand among young students due to their portability, performance and outstanding design. That's why they brought the MacBook Air 2020, a powerful tool that lets you perform from the most basic to the most demanding tasks, with great battery life and, most importantly, at a very good price. In this note, we will tell you why this equipment is the ideal companion for your studies.

Powerful Processor

For the MacBook Air 2020, Apple chose Intel's 10th generation processors, guaranteeing outstanding performance during long hours and exceptional equipment durability. Apart from that, they have models with 8GB and 16GB RAM memory, which provide a substantial boost in terms of performance and multitasking.

Retina Display

Measuring 13.3 inches and a resolution of 2560 × 1600, the new MacBook Air has a Retina Display panel, thanks to which you can reproduce all kinds of videos with high levels of detail and realism. Also, thanks to the high detail in text and images, it highlights colors and guarantees excellent legibility in documents, reducing eye fatigue.

App Stacks

Many students have their device desktops full of files, which in addition to slowing down the computer, gives it a cluttered look. To mitigate this problem, Apple has created “Stacks”, a function that can be used to classify documents collected on the desktop and group them by type. To use this app, you just need to right-click on a free area on the screen.

USB port - C

Thanks to this port, which represents the evolution of the traditional USB connection, you will have access to many advantages that will help you optimize study hours, charge devices, send high-resolution videos, and even add an external monitor, should you need to make presentations or work in detail. on a 4K or 5K panel.

On the other hand, the USB - C cable is compatible with a large number of adapters that you can use to add all the functions you need, such as: connecting an SD memory card, using accessories from a traditional USB cable, transferring photos, videos and heavy documents at full speed. , etc.

Maximum File Security

The new MacBook Air comes with an integrated Touch ID system, with which you can not only unlock your computer with your fingerprint as your key, but also offer more security for making purchases, managing your passwords, and storing important data. Instead, the device features a T2 chip, which includes a Secure Enclave co-processor that protects Touch ID data and provides a new encrypted storage and secure boot enclosure.

Now that you know the benefits of MacBook Air 2020, feel free to choose this device for its incredible portability, outstanding performance to stand out in your virtual classroom, and limitless entertainment in your spare time.

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