Who, What and When to Use iPad and iPhone

iPad Repair Jakarta - Currently, mobile devices are increasingly present in our lives. Many of us no longer know how to live without our smartphones or tablets. Most of the time, smartphones and tablets are tucked into the same bag, but the reality is very different depending on the person and the context.

A mobile advertising analytics company has conducted research on iOS device usage. They review who uses each device, what devices each type of person uses and when these devices tend to be used. Very interesting analysis of the user profile of iOS devices. Let's see what conclusions have been drawn!

Who Uses iPad and iPhone?

The analysis currently measures the activity of no less than 397 million iOS devices and the analysis performed is based on a random sample of 44,295 devices (iPhone and iPad only).

The company has developed a series of samples that classify users according to the use of the applications they create. An individual can be on more than one account, as they can use different types of applications. However, users who have more than one device cannot be assigned to the same account on all of their devices, as their app usage patterns may not be the same on both devices.

Globally the iPhone has a 72% share while the iPad has 28%. According to the study or analysis, the iPhone is more widely used by people today. Top the list are shoppers, singles, and what they call “Hip Urban Lifestylers.” These three types of people account for more than 90% of iPhone usage.

If we continue, we will see that the people who use the iPad the most are associated with activity-oriented activities at home. According to research, pet owners make the most use of Apple's tablets, as do small business owners, moms, gamers, and interior design enthusiasts.

What Are iPads and iPhones Used For?

The use of Apple devices also follows the general pattern of the iPhone for traveling and the iPad for the home. As the graph above shows, smartphone owners spend more than 13 times more time browsing than tablet owners. The same is true, albeit to a lesser extent, with health apps and, of course, photos and videos. In addition, the applications that are widely used on the iPad are obviously educational applications, eBooks, references, and games. Again, activities at home are more oriented.

When to Use iPad and iPhone?

In the analytical study we can find is the time spent using the app on both devices. Not surprisingly, the period of use of a strong device is between 18:00. and 11:00 p.m. The times when most people have time for their recreational activities. iPhones have peak usage as well during those hours, but Apple's tablet is definitely on top.

However, as the night went on, the iPhone was being used more than the iPad. This may be because, according to research, people are going out at night and using their apps to take photos or find places to go.

Perhaps the most surprising thing about each device's usage time distribution is what happens between 6:00 and 16:00, because, as the study found, iPhone and iPad usage is very even. Where this is not in accordance with the pattern of use that we mentioned earlier. Still according to research from mobile advertising analysis, this could be due to the diverse lifestyles of the device owners being analyzed.

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