What is Screen Protector and How Does it Work?

Service iPad - A screen protector is a transparent layer made of strong material that you can stick to your phone's screen to protect it. If you've ever used a device that didn't have a protector installed, you know how vulnerable screens are to cracks or scratches and, in the most extreme cases, total damage. With a screen protector, if your phone falls off a table, slides uncontrollably in a pocket or bag, or receives an accidental impact, the potential damage is absorbed by the protector and not by the screen.

If your protector breaks but prevents the screen from being damaged, it has served its purpose: to save on the cost of repairing your phone's screen.

What's the Best Screen Protector for My Device?

The answer to this question will be different for each user. With so many options available in the market, it can be difficult to find the protector that best fits your needs. It is best to use the main criteria when looking for a screen protector, namely in terms of material. Screen protectors can be made from a variety of materials and it's important to know which one works best for you.


Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and thermoplastic polyurethane screen protector act as a 0.10mm protective layer. The texture is equivalent to glass and maintains the clarity and sensitivity of the screen. Installation is very simple and you will have no trouble removing any bubbles that may remain. The PET screen protector will not crack, shatter, or tear, and is rated 3H on the endurance test hardness scale. This means that they offer moderate resistance to scratches but are very weak to impact. Alternatively, you can opt for a PET/TPU protector which includes an edge cover and is waterproof.

Tempered Glass

Tempered Glass screen protectors often top the list of best-selling products of many online stores. They provide multi-level defence, minimizing wear and tear from everyday use as well as damage from accidental drops and impacts (they prevent the device from sustaining significant damage). This shield has a 9H hardness rating on the endurance test scale. This means that the protector is scratch-resistant and retains its transparency, giving you an immutable screen experience. The Tempered Glass screen protector is also designed to prevent fingerprints, which can interfere with screen visibility.

InvisiGlass Ultra

For phones that are more prone to strong impacts, the best option is the InvisiGlass Ultra case, as it is 40% stronger than tempered glass. InvisiGlass Ultra has been chemically engineered by an ion exchange process, resulting in a glass that is harder but very soft to the touch. The InvisiGlass Ultra case is also very thin, with a minimum thickness of 0.29mm which maintains touch screen sensitivity. InvisiGlass Ultra also prevents fingerprints on the screen to ensure brightness and transparency.


For the highest level of screen protection, choose UltraGlass which is twice as strong as tempered glass. This next generation shield is exclusive, manufactured with dual ion exchange technology to strengthen the chemical composition of the glass. Despite their hardness, they remain transparent like other models and maintain a smooth touch, prevent fingerprints from appearing and, thanks to their 0.29mm thickness, maintain proper touchscreen responsiveness.

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