What iPhone 11 Color Should You Choose?

iPhone Repair Services Jakarta - Owning an iPhone isn't just about convenience and good customer service, it's also a matter of style. No wonder the iPhone camera is considered the best in the world. Having said that, you have six options to choose which iPhone 11 color suits your profile better. The support provided by the company is also worth mentioning, which can easily help you in situations where the iPhone won't turn on or charge. But which iPhone 11 color should you choose? To do this, consider your personal taste and some of the details and suggestions that we will show you in the following quotes.


Colors that used to be not so popular, but eventually became a trend in the field of technology. If this is your favorite color, then you can consider yourself a lucky person. In more pastel colors, these iPhone 11 colors look like they were made for the beach. On the other hand, it has a lighter and more discreet look.


The classic iPhone colors can't be missed. If you're a longtime fan, it's probably the iPhone 11 color you can't walk away from, even with so many alternatives. For those who already know the brand, maybe that's the brand they end up choosing. On the other hand, it should be borne in mind that electronic devices of this color tend to turn yellow after a few years. Considering the iPhone 11 and most likely to use it for 3 to 5 years, this is something important to consider.


It's a color that probably came from black Android smartphones and, even if you switch gadgets, do you still prefer black? So rest assured, the iPhone 11 is also available in this color. Plus, black is one of the best, as it hides minor dirt, scratches and dents, with an intact display, even if you're not the most careful person with electronics.


Another, simpler color, the green iPhone 11 also conveys the same lightness as the yellow version. This is also due to the lighter color tone, which makes it more discreet. On the other hand, it's worth mentioning that this color ultimately doesn't hide any scratches or marks of use, making it even uglier after a few years of use.


This iPhone 11 color is the perfect balance between lighter tones like green and yellow, but not too bright. The colors are ideal for those who want to draw attention to the gadget you're holding, but not something that looks too flashy. On the other hand, its lightness and clarity also means that scratches and marks will appear after a few years of use.


Closing the iPhone 11 color list, we have the red color option. Also present in the previous models, this is the ideal model for those who want to attract attention and are not afraid to be intense. In a darker shade, it will be able to hide some signs of wear, though not quite as well as the black version, best in this situation. The advantages of this model are created by working with an event. The red product as part of the purchase of the iPhone 11 in this color was donated to an organization dedicated to fighting HIV and AIDS.

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