Tips for Optimizing Your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air

At Dr Gadget, as the best Macbook repair shop in Jakarta, we want to give you some tips to get the most out of your new MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. So, we suggest you pay attention to what we have to say below.

Tips for Making the Most of Your MacBook

Use notes/Note

Thanks to the notes system or the MacBook's Note, you'll have the option to highlight everything you think is relevant so you don't forget it. In addition, you can ensure data security by locking records using a password.

Sync multiple Mac desktops

One of the many functions of the MacOS operating system is that the desktop can be synced via iCloud. This means that when you access iCloud from any device, you can have access to all the documents stored on your desktop. And remember, you can expand your capacity for a small budget per month.

Check your iPhone signal and battery

So, if you need to have internet access from your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air but there is a Wi-Fi network, you can access that network from your Mac. Go to 'Settings > mobile data > Internet sharing', and enable the last option.

Once you've done this, on your Mac's menu bar, click the Wi-Fi connection icon, find your iPhone in the list of available connections and enter the password you've chosen from your iPhone. Once connected, you can check the signal strength and battery status of your iPhone to see how much connection time you have.

Write faster than ever

On a Mac, you can get the predictive text functionality that your iPhone or iPad has thanks to the QuickType keyboard. If you're wondering how, it's very simple. If you're using TextEdit or Notes, you'll need to press 'Esc + Alt' while writing a word to see a list of words your Mac thinks you want to write, select the word you want to finish texting quickly.

Sign documents

With teleworking and the situation we live in, it's more important than ever to be able to sign documents from home, but because not everyone has a printer. This is not a problem because Mac computers allow you to sign PDF documents without needing to print them. This can be done thanks to the Preview app where once opened you have to go to the "Mark" option and select "Signature".

If you have never signed a document, you can do so with a trackpad or by taking a photo of the paper you have signed. If you already have it, you can put it in any document without the need for a printer.

Use multilingual

In the dictionary application you can activate the functions of more than one language at the same time in a very simple way. First open the dictionary app and click on all the languages ??you want to enable in your dictionary. In addition, you can change the order of languages ??to prioritize one or the other when you search for anything and when you activate dictionaries in two or more languages.

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