Recommended Best Video Editing Software for Macbook

Macbook Repair Services Jakarta - In this era of increasingly advanced technology, it is undeniable that more and more young people are interested in becoming video creators, video editors or YouTubers. Therefore, it is not surprising that now many young people or the public need the best software to perform various editing activities.

For those of you Macbook users who often do video editing, here are some recommendations for the best software that can be used to support your activities in video editing. Instead of being curious, consider the following recommendations:


iMovie is the first editing software option recommended for Macbook users. This software is the default Mac software which is part of the iLife suite. The advantage of this application is that you can easily use it by sharing personal use features, such as themes, face recognition, effects and various other animations.


Kdenlive is a video editing software that is famous for its compatibility on the Linux platform. But the good news, thanks to the support and assistance from MacPorts, this software can also run on Macbooks. This software is highly recommended because its use is so easy.

VideoLan Movie Creator

For those of you who want to have software for free video editing, then this software which is still in the development stage can be the right choice. Although in the development stage, this software also provides convenience for its users. In addition, this software is also famous for being compatible to run on various OS platforms.


Avidemux is one of the more recommended editing software for beginners. Why is that? because this software is known to be quite simple, equipped with fairly basic features and also support for various input and output formats.


This software offers several free and paid versions. Its use is also quite easy like some of the previous software. In addition, the support for various features that are quite reliable makes this software highly recommended for Macbook users who often do video editing activities.

Wondershare Filmora X for Mac

This software is an interesting option for those of you who need software for video editing on Mac OS. This software has various high-end features, such as editing for 4K videos and a collection of cool effects (Effects Shop: Filmstock), Split-Screen, Green Screen Auto Reframe, AR stickers, AI Portrait and many other interesting features.

Those are some recommendations for software for video editing that are most suitable for you users. However, of course we all know, that any technology will not last forever. In other words, various electronic objects can be damaged even if we take good care of them. And when your Apple product is damaged, you can take it to our service experts at Dr Gadget, Macbook repair service Jakarta.

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