The Great Benefits of Having an Apple Ecosystem

iPhone Repair Jakarta - Apple Ecosystem is a term that is widely used by all of us who are users. We have talked on previous occasions about why Apple is a unique company and also different from other smartphone companies. And the main reason is synchronization and operation if you have multiple devices from their product.

Today we will try to explain what are the benefits of using the Apple ecosystem. The advantages are mainly based on the interactions that each of your devices have and which you don't get with other companies, because there is no other company with so many product ranges.

Advantages of the Apple Ecosystem

Having the Apple ecosystem is that you can have two devices. For example iPhone and Apple Watch, or have up to 5 devices by adding an iPad, MacBook, and iMac. The more you have, the more sense everything we will tell you will make.

1. Sync Between Devices

All Apple devices have the same apps installed and they are all synced with your iCloud account. This means that the timing for syncing your various Apple gadgets is perfect and you don't need to pay attention at all.

You can edit notes on your iPhone and you will instantly have them on your iPad. You can text or reply to them from iMessage on your MacBook, then continue the conversation from your Apple Watch. Take any photo with your iPhone and it will be uploaded to iCloud and you can view it from any other device in seconds. All of this works transparently and in the background without you having to do anything. And this is one of the most important reasons for breaking up the Apple ecosystem.

2. ICloud Desktop

For some updates, Apple includes the possibility of accessing your Mac's desktop and documents folder from another device. This means you can download any file and just by leaving it on the desktop, you can access it from anywhere.

This is something that exists in a professional environment and substantially increases productivity. You no longer need to email files, upload them to the cloud or copy them to a USB memory, you just have to leave them on your desktop.

3. Handoff Function

The Handoff function is one that falls under what Apple calls Continuity, it's another characteristic that enhances the more devices you own. With Handoff, you can start working on one device, then switch to another, and pick up where you left off.

The way it works is very simple, if you consult an application on your iPhone, for example, on your Mac or on your iPad, you can continue the task by simply clicking on the icon of the application. Handoff is compatible with Safari, Mail, Notes, and many other Apple apps, but also with some from other developers like Things 3 or Fantastical 2.

4. Universal Clipboard

A function that once you get used to it, you can't stop using it and you'll miss it a lot when you don't have it. Again everything works without you noticing, copy or copy any text or image on your iPhone, iPad or Mac and you can paste it on other devices. Easy and very fast.

Do you want to insert a picture you have on your iPhone into a Word document that you're editing on your Mac? Just copy or copy to your iPhone and hit Paste or paste on your Mac. And it's that easy, right?

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