The Best Productivity Apps for iPad You Need to Try

Service iPad - Besides the iPhone, one of the iOS devices that many gadget lovers ask for is the iPad. iPad certainly has a variety of features that are certainly very useful for its users. Even now many people are maximizing the use of the iPad for their daily lives.

One of the advantages of the iPad is of course being able to access the App Store. Apple's iOS application store does have many applications that can be used for the iPad. The quality of the iOS application is well known for its excellent performance. There are various iPad applications that you can use to support your productivity.

You can make the most of your iPad to do a variety of jobs when you may not be in front of your MacBook. There are several iPad applications that you can use to support your productivity:

Microsoft Office for iPad

You can use the Microsoft Word for iPa application for various work and college assignments. Or you can easily create articles with just an iPad. Isn't it great? You can do a variety of jobs easily anywhere and anytime without opening your MacBook.

This application is capable enough to create simple documents. Various functions of paragraph formatting, numering, fonts, bullets, insert links, and so on are also available.

OneNote for iPad

OneNote is a note taking application that you can rely on. You can save important notes here. This Microsoft OneNote application comes in free and paid versions.

OneDrive for iPad

One of the advantages of OneDrive is that it is available on all the platforms you might use, such as Windows, Windows Phone, iOS, as well as Mac.

In addition, the capacity of OneDrive is also quite large. When this application is still called Skydrive, users will get 7GB free access. Then, OneDrive users who activate the Camera Roll feature will get 15 GB free. In addition, if you subscribe to Office 365, you will get an additional OneDrive capacity to 1 TB. Interesting right?

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Outlook for iPad

It seems that there is still no email application that can beat the functionality of this one Outlook application. In fact, this application is a PIM (Personal Information Manager) application. In addition to having a function as an email, this application also functions as a calendar, contacts, file management, and many others. How complete is not it?

Skype for iPad

How do I make calls and send SMS using iPad? Even with an iPad with cellular, you still can't make phone calls. Therefore, to be able to communicate from the iPad, you can use Skype for iPad.

You can use this application to call someone to a cell phone number. Even if you use an Office 365 subscription, you can call 60 minutes each month for free.

Those are some applications that can support your work productivity on the iPad. However, we all know, that any technology will not last forever. In other words, various electronic objects can be damaged even if we take good care of them. And when your Apple product encounters damage, you can take it to our service experts at Dr Gadget service iPad.

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