Frequent Problems on MacBook and Solutions to Solve Them

MacBook Repair Jakarta - MacBook is a laptop made by Apple that uses a non-Windows default operating system. Some people may have a little difficulty in operating it. One of the reasons is a malfunction or strange behavior on the Macbook, for example, often restarts by itself or notifications that suddenly appear on the monitor, which are generally caused by various things.

Here are some problems that occur on MacBook and solutions to solve them:

1. Frequently Restart

The first condition that may often be experienced by you Macbook users is frequent restarts suddenly. If your Macbook often restarts itself, then after it turns on a notification appears that says "Your computer was restarted because of a problem", then this is a sign that your MacBook is experiencing "Kernel Panic" or in Windows it is usually called a Blue Screen.

The causes of this problem are various. However, you can try to repair your laptop in various ways, such as disconnecting any devices attached to the Macbook, running Apple Diagnostics, checking whether the Macbook storage is still available or not, and you can try to run safe mode whether it runs normally or not.

2. Frequently Freeze Applications (Closes Itself)

Do you often see the ball spinning on the screen of the Macbook you are using? In general, this happens because the application you are opening cannot respond or even crashes. This can happen because there is only a small amount of storage space left. Although this does not cause a crash directly, but due to minimal storage, the Macbook may experience a significant decrease in performance. So that indirectly makes applications on the Macbook to be slow or disrupted.

If you experience this, there are several ways that you can use to overcome it, such as deleting files that are not needed, so that the storage on the Macbook is empty again.

3. Battery Runs Out Fast

Usually this fast-depleting battery disease is caused by declining battery health. Another cause could also be that there are applications that run continuously in the background, which then causes high battery consumption.

If there are other reasons, there is a way you can do to fix the wasteful battery, namely by resetting the SMC (System Management Controller). This method can usually solve the problem of wasteful battery and also the problem of a battery that cannot be charged.

4. Macbook That Won't Boot

For new MacBook users, they may panic when the Macbook suddenly can't turn on or boot normally. In general, a Macbook that won't boot will display a gray or black screen with a question mark icon. This is usually caused by several things. The most common causes are problems with the Macbook cable, problems with the SMC, software updates or it can also be caused by failing to update the operating system.

The way to fix this is to check the cable on the Macbook, boot into safe mode, or you can also use the most accurate way, namely by reinstalling your MacOS Macbook.

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