Why Choose iPad Over Android Tablet?

Service iPad - When someone decides to buy a tablet, the first question is obvious, is buying an iPad or a tablet from another manufacturer? Apple products have always been produced with quality, usually far more than their competitors, but the biggest question comes from functionality. Will the iPad serve what you are looking for? So we will try to explain why to choose an iPad over an Android tablet.

Why Buy an iPad and Not an Android Tablet?

We will present a few reasons that will lead you to choose an iPad over an Android tablet. This may not be all of them, but the following are definitely the most significant:

Customized strength

iPad was designed by Apple, as well as its iOS operating system. This means that Apple tablets will always have hardware characteristics that are fully adapted to their operating system. Apple always gave its tablets far more power than its operating system needed at the time. This leads to fantastic flexibility and you will never be surprised by the fatal slow system Android tablets experience. On the other hand, Google doesn't base its operating system on any particular manufacturer so you buy any tablet and it will be abandoned at any time.

Better management on your battery

iPad, as we just discussed, focuses on iOS. This not only makes them offer great performance potential, but also offers very high characteristics when it comes to managing battery consumption. Every iPad has enough capacity to last more than a day without having to charge it, even if our use is really intense. And this is another point in favor of the Apple tablet.

App Store vs Google Play

The App Store currently has more than 500,000 apps that are exclusively adapted to the iPad screen. Android tablets have to settle for apps that have been designed for mobile. Apart from that, the quality of the apps you will find on the App Store is much higher than that of Google Play. How many times have you installed an app from the Google store and it was useless?

Superior quality and design

When you compare two tablets, it's also important that we find the tablet we like the most, both visually and on the touch and carry it with us every day. It goes without saying that the latest iPad is a technological revolution on many levels, weight, thickness, overall product finish. We can't say the same about Android tablets, although some are made better than others, they can't surpass the quality of the iPad.

Those are some of the reasons we can explain for deciding to buy an iPad instead of an Android tablet. While iOS is a much more closed operating system, for home or professional use it delivers great results. In some places, such as in airplane cabins, they have adopted it. Do you want to buy a tablet and have it for a long time? Don't hesitate, buy an iPad.

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