4 Ways to Protect Your iPhone 7 Screen

iPhone Repair Services Jakarta - At some point we've all gone through moments of suffering putting our hands in our pockets and not finding our phones anywhere. Until finally realized that we had left it on the table. The other, worse feeling is that the phone has fallen to the ground and fears the damage that the iPhone 7 display we've kept shiny. Has that ever happened to you?

The iPhone 7 has some great features, so we at Dr Gadget iPhone repair service Jakarta are sure, this is the phone you want to keep for a long time. If so, today we present you 4 ways to protect the iPhone 7 screen, which may differ based on your previous experience. Do you want to know them?

1. Protective Plastic

Over time, one of the things that can happen to the iPhone 7 screen is scratches. Sometimes in our daily grind we put our phone in our bag or pocket along with things like keys which can do nothing but scratch the smartphone.

The first step to ensure the integrity of our phone is to try not to drop it anywhere, not to share space with sharp and hard objects, try not to drop it. Even so, accidents do happen and the best way to be sure is to attach protective plastic to the iPhone 7 screen.

This is the best option for the cautious person who never drops the phone, but you never really know what might happen, do you?

2. Tempered Glass

If you want to further enhance the screen protection of your iPhone 7, the best recommendation is to install tempered glass. Whether you're bothered or not, this will help you a lot more, although you should always be careful. Despite the fact that the phone is strong, it must be taken into account that falling under certain conditions can cause a lot of damage.

This type of screen protector will protect your phone from scratches and also, if dropped, will break before the iPhone 7 HD retina screen breaks. So that this kind of shield can protect it twice. Some manufacturers even include another glass for the back of the smartphone, thereby protecting the case and camera at the same time.

If you are worried by installing this type of protection the touch will lose its precision or quality, forget it, you don't even have to think about it because you can use the entire iPhone screen without any problems. You may indeed notice the difference, but only because it's more protected.

3. Silicone Case

When we think of silicone cases, we must remember that they not only take care of this model's beautiful case or rear camera, but are also responsible for protecting the iPhone 7 screen, do you know why?

If dropped, the phone will not touch the ground directly, your phone will have something to withstand the blow, so it can hold on better. Also, it is recommended that the case protrude a few millimeters above the iPhone screen. This way, if you place it on a table, the phone screen won't touch the table, also avoiding scratches. However, this option is great as long as you combine it with one of the two things above, so the phone will be much more secure.

4. Full Case

Another model that can help you protect your iPhone 7 screen is a full case, which protects your phone from all angles. This system basically places the phone in this case which often mimics the design of the smartphone itself.

To find out what case you want, you have to look at the specifications, because in choosing this model of case, you will have to choose between a screen protector made of plastic or tempered glass for the iPhone 7 screen. What do you think is best for you?

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