Easy Steps to Fix a MacBook that Hangs or Freezes

Macbook Repair Services Jakarta - What to do if your MacBook suddenly becomes unresponsive or hangs? For those of you who don't know the solution, you will surely be confused and panic, especially if the cursor doesn't exist at all. But don't worry, because below we will share some tips or methods that you can use to fix or fix your Macbook that hangs.

Wait 2-3 Minutes

Before you rush to shut down your Mac or try to control it again by pressing the keyboard, you can wait a few moments. The crash could be due to a very demanding task or the app is having problems. Give your MacBook time to resolve the issue before you take any action.

Actually how long you need to wait depends on yourself, but here we recommend waiting 2-3 minutes. If you already know that there is a work process that causes your Macbook to hang, such as video rendering, of course it will take quite a long time to complete. Once control of the Mac is back on you, then save your work, then close all applications that are not needed, then restart.

Force Close the Problematic App

If your MacBook is unresponsive, but you still have control of the mouse pointer, you can force stop the problematic application that might be causing the slowdown. To quickly kill applications, you can press Command + Option + Esc to bring up the macOS “Force Quit Applications” dialog box. In this window, you will know what applications are running. You can highlight it with just one click, then turn it off by clicking "Force Quit". You can kill as many applications as you need until your system can run stably. But be aware that you may lose unsaved data.

Force Shutdown Mac

If you've been patient enough and forced closing all the problematic apps but still to no avail, maybe it's time to force shut down your Mac. You can do this by pressing and holding the Mac's power button until it turns off. On most models, the power button is clearly visible.

However, you may lose unsaved data in open applications when you do this. This method does not cause any damage. But Apple recommends that you turn it off with the Apple menu. In minimizing the possibility of errors, you can do this when you have no other choice.

If your MacBook continues to hang frequently despite various ways and efforts to fix it, then the problem may be due to a hardware error. You can actually diagnose the problem by using “Apple Diagnostics”.

Unfortunately, Apple Diagnostics can only tell you if there's a problem. Of course you can't get too much information about what the problem or error really is. You will get a fuzzy picture of where the error was detected. You also get nothing but error codes for Apple technicians to use. Therefore, to get the right diagnosis and repair, you can take your MacBook to a trusted place or service provider.

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