Top 5 Reasons to Pick Up a Macbook Instead of a Windows PC

Service Macbook - Mac or Windows, Windows or Mac. This is an important decision when buying a computer that will accompany us for years to come. Whether it is your first computer, the one you will use at university or the one that will accompany you in your daily work, it is important to choose it well.

Which is Better, Mac or Windows?

It is difficult to answer this question. Therefore, we will try to answer your doubts with 5 objective reasons to buy a Macbook over a Windows PC. If this is important to you, you should take a closer look at this laptop from Apple. And if these reasons are important to you, you should go with a Mac. If there are other reasons that you prefer, such as the available games, you might be better off choosing a Windows PC.

Why Buy a Mac?

We've rounded up 5 reasons to buy a Mac from its design, both at the device and operating system level, to its high resale value when you want to replace your device. For these reasons, Macs are better than Windows PCs:

Hardware and software designed by the same company

If there's one thing that characterizes Apple in its mobile devices, it's that they manufacture the software and hardware themselves, and that means they can get better performance with the same hardware. And with the arrival of Apple Silicon chips in the Mac, this relationship extended to the Macbook.

Designing devices and operating systems offers many advantages, Apple can make better use of hardware and create unique designs. Where it equals or even exceeds the much stronger performance of its rivals.

Apple Ecosystem

If you already have an iPhone or iPad, buying a Macbook is even more advisable. Apple's ecosystem complements itself like no other brand on the market today. We can unlock a Mac with an Apple Watch, use an iPad as a secondary screen, provide a macOS desktop on an iPhone. There are many functions that make Apple's ecosystem unrivaled.

Lots of free quality software

MacOS is not only a great operating system, fast, fluid and with a great design, it also includes a lot of free applications with great quality. You can start working with your Macbook without having to install any additional software.

As soon as you start your Macbook you'll have a powerful video editor like iMovie, a great app for managing your photo library, an Office Suite with equivalent programs like Word, Power Point and Excel like Pages, Keynote and Numbers, Mail apps, Podcasts, Music, Books and we also have the App Store where you can find everything we need, or the web to download all the compatible programs.

Premium design

That Macbook design is a trendsetter and most brands choose to follow suit. Apple is committed to great materials and ultra-compact designs while delivering quality. That's something that isn't easy to compete with, and if they do manage to match Apple's computers, they do so at very similar prices.

Much safer

Malware and viruses are much less common on macOS, both for the security of the operating system itself and for the fact that, due to a smaller market share, not many viruses are made for Macs. If you buy a Macbook, you don't need any kind of antivirus software. And you can use it in peace.

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