Why Should Dr. Gadgets for Apple Gadget Problems, Not Others

Service iPhone - iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones for gadget lovers. Everyone must know this Apple-made cellphone. Unlike Android which generally has many types and is made by various vendors, the iPhone is an exclusive item where there are only a few series in one year.

Even though the iPhone is a premium and exclusive product, it does not rule out the possibility of problems or damage. Of course, electronic goods definitely can't last forever, there could be some problems, such as broken LCD, dead touchscreen, lost signal, totally dead or other problems.
If your iPhone is having problems, of course you need to take the iPhone to a professional and trusted iPhone service center to get it repaired. You can choose Dr. Gadget, a trusted and experienced iPhone service expert, who will provide maximum service in dealing with problems that occur on your smartphone.
The following are some of the reasons that require you to choose Dr. Gadgets compared to other service points:
Accurate Diagnosis and Mainstay Repair
As a market leader, Dr. Gadget will provide the best service for you in repairing your iPhone or iPad throughout Indonesia. If your iPhone or iPad has a problem, they always provide the right diagnosis, so that your smartphone can be treated quickly.
Another plus, if your iPhone or iPad does not have a problem and does not need to be repaired, you will never be charged with diagnostic fees. You only pay when there is a repair that needs to be done and only when the repair is successful. In addition, in ensuring that your iPhone and iPad can function as before, they also provide the best quality control before you leave Dr. Gadgets.
Device Repair Performed in Front of the Customer
If your iPhone has a problem that can be fixed immediately with the availability of spare parts, the repair will be carried out on the same day directly in front of you. Generally it takes about 15 minutes to replace the battery, while replacing the LCD takes at least 30 minutes.
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Repairs for iPad do take longer and need to be fixed. This is because the iPad uses glue that is useful for attaching the glass digitizer to the device body. Therefore, they need time for the glue to dry, at least 24 hours.
Provide Longer Warranty
You will get the longest warranty in the industry. The battery warranty will be provided for 30 days, while the warranty involving repair of other parts is 90 days.
In addition, if Dr. The gadget does not find any damage on your iPhone or iPad during the inspection, whether the spare parts are repaired or not, will be given a full warranty of 90 days. Physical damage is not covered by the warranty. If your device is damaged due to exposure to liquid after their repair, the warranty will be void.
Have Expert Technicians
Excellent and experienced technicians from Dr. Gadget will provide the best service for your iPhone or iPad. The best service provided cannot be matched by other companies.
Money Back Guarantee If Your Device Can't Be Repaired
Your money is guaranteed to be fully refunded, if Dr. Gadgets can't fix your iPhone or iPad. Even if your device has been repaired, then the same problem reappears within the warranty period, then any service fees you perform will be refunded. For a full refund, you can contact Dr. Gadgets, then fill out the request form, and return any spare parts you may have received.

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