Everything You Can Do with the iPhone X Cameras

Service iPhone - The iPhone X is Apple's newest sistem in years. After maintaining practically the same design for three generations of iPhone, the X comes to break with Apple's conservative line to introduce some new technologies into its range of smartphones, along with others that had been in demand for a long time out of comparative injury with others. manufacturers, and especially Samsung.

In addition to the design, Apple has taken great care of the technology inside the sistem, starting with the Apple A11 Bionic processor of its own design, from which both applications and other vital components such as cameras benefit.

Specifically, in the cameras section, the iPhone X has three, one front and two rear. Not to mention the infrared camera for facial recognition. The front is the one that has undergone the most notable improvement, with a new 7 Mpx sensor.

The Front Camera and Its Portrait Mode

The front camera now has no less than 7 Mpx with an F2.2 aperture and stabilizer and allows you to make use of the portrait mode in which the background appears out of focus. It is an ability that is appreciated in the selfie mode, although it is not exclusive to Apple in this sistem. Huawei, in the Mate 10, also has portrait mode with background blurring through its 8 Mpx front camera, although without the option of using masks to change the background as in the case of Apple and the Stage Light mode, both in color mode as monochrome.

Another possible use of the front camera is to animation Animojis animated emoticons . In this mode, the camera registers our gestures and transfers them in real time to one of the twelve Animoji emoticons that the system has to "give life" to our Animoji alter-ego.

The front camera does not have a flash as such , although the screen is used to illuminate the face, with different shades depending on the ambient lighting.

The Rear Cameras, with 2x Optical Zoom

The implementation of the rear cameras in Apple goes through a camera with a conventional angle and a 2x zoom type . Both cameras are 12MP, although the conventional 28mm wide angle camera has a 1.22 micron pixel size, while the 52mm "zoom" camera has a 1 micron pixel size. The brightness of the "non-zoom" angle sensor is F1.8, while that of the zoom camera is F2.4 . That is, the zoom camera is less bright.

With this dual camera, Apple allows you to take both zoom photos and portrait mode photos. Again, the portrait mode consists of taking photos with the main subject in focus, while the part of the image in the background remains out of focus, obtaining the blurring effect of the background, so appreciated by users.

The advantage of optical zoom is that of having higher quality than in the case of using digital zoom in which you really do nothing more than interpolate from a crop of the original image. The optical zoom allows obtaining images with a native resolution equal to that offered by the sensor, but with a magnification factor that, in the case of the iPhone X, is 2x.

For example, in the image below, the crop on the right is 2x digital zoom and the crop on the left is optical. The quality difference is remarkable.

Of course, Apple continues to do that in low light situations, the zoom is done digitally from the normal angle camera instead of using the camera with a 52 mm focal length. It is an automatic selection in which the user cannot (easily) participate . In this case, the image quality is lower than that obtained with the 52mm camera. The brightness is better on the 28mm camera, but a digital zoom performs worse than an image with a higher ISO sensitivity than what you would get with the 52mm camera with an aperture of F2.4 instead of F1,8.

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