Why Do Young People Prefer Apple Products?

Service Macbook Jakarta - Apple, apart from being one of the most powerful technology companies today, is a living history of evolution and progress in the digital world. Who has never seen the mythical logo of the bitten apple on an electronic device? Who doesn't know the popular stories of Stephen Wozniak, Ronald Wayne and, above all, Steve Jobs?

Apple is a brand that today has built a strong niche among young people. But why is it so popular among young people? What does it offer the audience to lure them in?

First of all, Apple is synonymous with modernity, security and quality. Young people know that devices with the Apple ecosystem have durability, resilience, and they will spend the next few years using them. According to a study by technology experts, the average lifespan of an iPhone is 4.3 years, the estimated usage time.

Social Networking

It should be remembered that most young people crave a mobile device (be it an iPhone, iPad, or iMac) with an Apple environment to use social networks on a daily basis.

Youtube, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the most used social media applications. Among young people, the development of Instagram is very prominent, above all, a social network whose main function is to share stories with your friends, either through videos or photos that you can filter.

But if we talk about the latest trends, we should no doubt take a look at Tik Tok, which is very much loved by Generation Z (who were born between 1994 and 2010) and which invites you to make videos with music packaged in a very short format.

The Importance of a Positive User Experience

Apple's original idea focused on young people buying their devices and enjoying the time they spent using them. That's why they guide the user experience to be very simple, that's their core value.

And that is right; Apple's strategy has always been to focus on a user experience, where people feel comfortable using their device, in an easy-to-understand, intuitive, comfortable, secure, and dynamic digital environment. Focusing on the user is a key idea in the philosophy of Steve Jobs, determined to make technology an art within the reach of everyone where design, elegance, usability and sensation intermingle.

Aesthetics Are Important For Young People

Apple has added value among young people; aesthetic value. Owning an Apple device is cool, it's new, it's synonymous with excellence. This gives them a new look and a sense of recognition from their peers. Apart from that, we are talking about phones and tablets which are thin and comfortable to carry. This is another factor to consider.

Young people prioritize convenience in transportation, as they usually carry these devices with them and want to communicate with them anywhere; while riding the subway, walking, cycling or waiting for friends, etc.

Technical Advantages That Make It an Attractive Technology

Young people have grown up in a highly developed 4.0 environment and have received nothing in terms of the technical characteristics of their mobile devices. Apple brings a convenient, intuitive, lightweight and secure format above the average android functionality on the market.

On the other hand, Apple is a technology that has demonstrated very high security standards. They use what's called a "chain of trust", which starts when the device itself is powered on, recording very strict identification and digital signature steps. Touch ID captures the user's fingerprint and stores it in the Apple account memory.

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