7 Tips to Take Care of Your iPhone Battery

Does your iPhone turn off when it reaches 30% charge? Do you have to charge it several times a day because it downloads so fast? Have you noticed that the screen of your iPhone has been raised for no apparent reason? Don't worry, these are all symptoms that your battery life is beginning to falter and it may be time to replace it.

To be able to understand it better: the battery life is the time that a device lasts on without recharging while the battery life is the time that passes until you need to replace it. If you take full advantage of both, you will get the most out of all your devices. Today I bring you some very useful tips to put them into practice in your day-to-day life and take care of your battery as it deserves.

1º Use the appropriate charging accessories . Make sure that the cables you are going to use are certified by Apple so that you do not have any problems or incompatibilities. In the case of the wall plug, remember that the only important thing for a correct charge is the amperage, because although we can charge an iPhone with an iPad plug without noticing a difference, it is not correct if we do it the other way around.

Humidity far. Keep your devices away from extremely humid environments such as kitchens or bathrooms. These types of environments, together with somewhat higher temperatures, can contribute to battery damage.

Avoid extreme ambient temperatures . Although the devices are designed to function properly in a fairly wide temperature range, it is recommended that the temperature be between 16 and 22 degrees and never expose them to temperatures of more than 35 degrees as this significantly impairs the battery life.

Depending on which case you use, remove it to charge . When charging the iPhone with certain cases on, it can generate an excess of temperature   and this will affect the capacity of the battery. If you notice that your device gets very hot when charging it, remove the case and above all, do not use it while you are charging it.

If you are going to keep it for a long time, turn it off with half a load.  Current batteries are best preserved with a 40% charge when they are going to be stored without use for a long time, so if you are not going to use the iPhone for a long period of time, the ideal is to leave it with a 40% charge. -50% and not as the logic of charging it to 100% would indicate. Remember to also keep it in a cool and dry environment that does not exceed 32 degrees. If you are going to store it for more than 6 months, charge the battery up to half every 6 months.

Calibrate your battery once a month. It is our golden advice when we change the battery of your iPhone in our Technical Service: do not drain the battery to 0% except once a month for its performance to be stable. The rest of the time, you can connect it to the load when necessary.

Charging cycles. Charging the iPhone from 0 to 100% is what is called a charge cycle. Thus, if you charge the phone 2 times from 50% to 100% it represents 1 charge cycle. The common method to properly charge the iPhone battery is to connect it at night and remove it in the morning . In this way, with a daily charge cycle, our phone will work without problems and will have a good battery life for 2 years (about 700 full charge cycles), time that it usually takes us to change mobile phones. Oh, and don't worry about having it plugged into the charger all night, unlike the existing myth, this doesn't harm the battery as it automatically disconnects from the charging circuit when it reaches 100%.

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