You Have a New iPhone? You Have To Start Taking Care Of It, Here's How

Iphone Service Nearby - It is common that on dates like these, a person launches a new iPhone that they gave him at Christmas or, which he bought himself to "pamper himself", as the situation may be, a newly purchased smartphone involves various maintenances.

The function of this special treatment is that from the very beginning of life the cell is being sought and thus keeps it durable, because that is the main purpose of a cell phone.

According to this, these simple tips should be followed so that the new iPhone always stays like new and in this way does not run into any problems in the future.

Basic tips for Caring for a New iPhone

Don't get wet

This is very trite advice, but at the same time very useful, because people tend to forget that not all phones are waterproof, therefore should not be left near a sink or pool, and avoid getting the charging port damp.

Update constantly

Whenever a symbol appears on the screen that the phone itself or a certain app needs to be updated, it should be done immediately so that there is no delay in the news that Apple offers.

Do not use cables or chargers other than the original

This may sound like a marketing strategy to get the store's original product, but the truth is that it has to be done for the iPhone to function properly; therefore it should not be exchanged with chargers or cables from other companies.

Turn off occasionally

It is recommended that at least once or twice a week the phone is turned off to take a break from all the daily given usage, doing so from time to time is not bad at all.

Does not reach the top of the storage

If you think your iPhone should be full of pictures and videos, you are very wrong, because you should never saturate it, let alone let memory sit on top of its storage, always being careful not to occupy 16, 32 or 64GB.

Don't drain battery up to 1%

Previously, this type of topic has been discussed and concluded that the battery should not be allowed to drain to 1%, mainly due to the charge cycle.

Enable Find My Phone

It sounds premature, but it's better to be safe than sorry, and this means that from the moment you bought your iPhone, you should enable this useful function that can help in any situation.

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