5 Advantages You May Not Know When Switching from PC to Mac

Service Macbook Jakarta - The idea of ??changing to a Mac OS-based computer after becoming a PC user, especially the Windows operating system, is a very common confusion. But many people still have not made this replacement because it is too expensive or too much investment in their desktop system. Many people believe that they have to reorganize all their files, rearranging a lot of data in different formats. With today's technology, that challenge is much easier now, but it's still enough to discourage people from moving to Mac OS. However, here are some interesting reasons why switching Mac OS might be a really good idea.
1. The Operating System is Certainly Much Better
Today, Mac OS for Apple is a game changer. Until that point, the operating systems of earlier times didn't really work with other systems nor were they meant to be. Whether it's a Linux operating system or a PC, Apple's OS is just another area of ??incompatibilities. And when Mac OS came out, suddenly computers from Apple products became professional machines.
2. Mac Mini
This Mac Mini can change the look of your desk space. You will no longer find a desktop unit that occupies a quarter of the table. This Mac Mini instead pops up and does the best it can with everything plugged into it. This Mac Mini is very functional and reliable. Not to mention, people have also started to realize that the Mac is a much safer computer for them to use. The Internet world generally carries viruses for desktop PC computers, not for Apple products.
3. Apple Doesn't Need Drivers
For anyone who has to bother with the Windows operating system or often reinstall software for this operating system, computer drivers are like bread and butter as the main complementary ingredient. When the drivers used are not suitable, a lot of bad things happen. So it can be a tricky guessing game to get things working right. With Apple, however, you won't need drivers because Apple computers have software built into their hardware. Very effective, you don't have to bother with drivers and updates.
4. Cost
You will get what you pay for. Yes, Apple computers cost more, but they didn't drop in value until a few years later. On the other hand, computers from Apple have dropped in value slightly and people still want them to be used. This is because it is made better with quality materials. Instead of using plastic material, they have aluminum material.
Instead of using cheap circuitry, these computers from Apple are built to withstand long periods of use and keep going. Instead of feeling like you're carrying a suitcase, laptops from Apple are built for comfort as well as low weight. When you add all of the above factors together, the cost doesn't seem too expensive for what you get from an Apple computer.
5. Portability
With systems from Apple products that flow seamlessly between Mac, iPhone, and iPad, the portability of user information is maximized. Apple has set the bar high for smart devices from the start. And despite the competition, devices from Apple products are still sought after as the best versions on the market. And they have no issues with hacks or viruses, at least not as bad as conventional desktop PC systems.
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