Why Should You Move On from Android to iPhone?

Service iPhone - When buying a new cell phone, people are usually confused. Especially when it comes to choosing between the two most popular operating systems. Here are 3 main reasons why switching from an Android phone to an iPhone is a good idea.
1. Information Security
Many companies working in the field of information security unanimously agree that Apple devices are more secure than Android devices. According to a Forbes report, 97 percent of smartphone malware targets Android phones.
Android phones get malware and viruses mainly from the app store of Android. Apple's App Store has fewer apps to offer than the Android phone's app store, but the number of apps available isn't the most important element of an app store. Apple is not arbitrary in choosing which application developers get access to an ecosystem with the so-called Apple ecosystem, a network of devices, applications, and developers. Getting malware-laden apps from the App Store is impossible.
In comparison, Google's app store, Google Play, is an ad-supported and free network where anyone can showcase their apps. Android allows users to install apps from outside the Google Play Store as well. So it is not possible to monitor applications that may contain malware and viruses.
Apart from app stores, an operating system that is not updated also poses a security threat. Due to the large number of smartphone manufacturers that produce phones with the operating system provided by Google, not all of these manufacturers get updates at the same time. And with this kind of condition, it is very vulnerable to be exposed to massive security threats. iOS devices are only made by Apple, so there will be no related issues.
2. Apple Ecosystem
Apple's product range has grown rapidly in recent years. The company started making computers and has since added music players, tablets, and smartwatches to their product selection. Today, Apple has also provided a wide range of products and services for your various needs and requirements.
Devices work seamlessly and easily together. You don't need to download or install a separate app to link them, just sign in to devices with the same Apple ID. Photos, emails, notes, and calendars can be shared across all devices. Plus, you don't have to pay back for apps, movies, or books you've previously purchased. Because all these things can be found on all your devices.
The closed ecosystem also ensures the safety of users. The operating network is also very secure when devices, users, manufacturers, and application developers are all in the same ecosystem. The situation is different for Android phones. Lots of different manufacturers also produce phones and tablets that use the same basic operating system. So the ecosystem and the safe use of devices at the same time cannot be guaranteed.
3. Ease of Use
Cell phones from Apple are popular and known by many for their ease of use. Its usefulness stems from a simple operating logic: all applications are launched from the home screen. And even if you update your iPhone to the latest model, the operating system will still work the same way and you can still use it with ease as before.
Android phones can be modified or customized in many ways by anyone as long as they can afford it. But the basic features of the operating system are far more complicated and confusing than Apple's iOS system. If you are a person who likes smartphones that are easy to use and good for basic use, the iPhone is the obvious choice.
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