Main Features of iOS 16 Finally Officially Revealed

iPhone Repair Service Jakarta - After months of rumors, WWDC 2022 will finally roll out iOS 16 to all corners of the world and start the countdown. So that we can finally install it and have it stabilized on all of our iPhones in a few months, especially in September. Let's gather everything we know about the new features it brings.

What's the Major Features of iOS 16?

Apple has highlighted several new things in its WWDC 2022 keynote with customization and productivity at the forefront for iOS 16. What is perhaps most interesting is the new customizable lock screen, where we can change the time font and add some widgets with additional information.

The notifications on that lock screen are now at the bottom of the screen, where we can also configure widgets with important information about some of the apps we'd like to have. We can also change the wallpaper with emoji mosaic or with live weather conditions that are happening.

It's clear that Apple has been busy improving AI (Artificial Intelligence) features and machine learning, seeing another novelty that allows us to copy and paste photo elements as easily as processing data as in text and removing photo backgrounds without doing anything else. There is also other interesting news, including the following:

  • New privacy notice.
  • Concentration mode will become much more customizable, with additional options in each app thanks to the new API.
  • iCloud In Family improvements when configuring devices for minors.
  • The Books app has been redesigned with more options in its interface.
  • The “passkey” included in Safari is intended to serve as an identifier in place of traditional passwords.
  • Possibility of automatically deleting duplicate photos from our photo library, in addition to sharing them with our family members.
  • FaceTime calls can be transferred between devices without hanging up.
  • Mail is updated with new options for scheduled searches and responses to emails, as well as filtering for our Concentration mode.
  • Messages will allow us to edit messages we have sent and cancel sending if we make a mistake.
  • There is an improvement in Dictation, which allows us to write between Dictations to perfect more when we write sentences using both modes simultaneously.
  • The new security mode will allow users to review privacy in domestic violence risk situations.
  • The Home app has a new design that better encapsulates all of our accessories in one section.
  • The Fitness app will also work on our iPhone if we don't have an Apple Watch and still want to use it.
  • Maps will allow us to add multiple stops on our route.
  • New Spotlight which is more complete and rich in functionality will come from a new button under the icons section of the main screen.
  • There will be a new application called Freeform which will serve as a wall for working with all kinds of data and collaborating in real time with others.
  • There will be Memoji with gestures new addition to the ones we have in iOS 15.
  • Compatibility with Nintendo Switch controllers.
  • We can unlock our iPhone with Face ID in landscape mode.

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