Cool iPhone Applications That Will Make Android Users Envy

Service iPhone - Actually iOS or Android, both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Including also about the available applications between the two. Android offers incredibly technically customizable apps, while iOS has a good reputation for design as well as interface aesthetics for every app it releases.

The number of devices and also the limited screen size does make iOS easier to develop, which makes there are many applications that were first launched on the Apple platform before later on Android. Even so, the number of applications contained in the Play Store is far more than the applications in the Apps Store. But for quality apps, iOS always comes first.

Well this time we will discuss some of the best applications that are only available on the iPhone. Here are some of them:

iMovie Most Popular iPhone App

iMovie is one of those great apps that has been on the iPhone for a long time and was only on iPhones until now. With iMovie and iPhone or iPad in hand, anyone can easily record, edit, and share amazingly creative movies. There are many templates so it will be easy to add titles, captions and special effects. You will never find iMovie on Android. You may find several movie-making apps, but you probably won't find a video editor on Android that is as powerful as iMovie.

Even the greatness of iMovie you can clearly see in some HD quality movies that have been spread in cyberspace. If you've ever seen a movie or recording with an iMovies watermark, you can be sure it's an iPhone. So it's not wrong if this iPhone application is the best in its field.

Bear Great Free Iphone App

Bear is a flexible note-taking and note-taking app that's great for taking quick notes, poetry and prose, doodles, or even code snippets. The existing focus mode allows users to do anything with the iPhone bear app, and the markup editor also supports 20 different programming languages.

There is also support for inline drawings and photos that can be combined with Apple Pencil and also hand sketches, making this application very easy to use. Bear also has cross-note links, as well as tag support for easy searching. The app is available for free, but if you want a premium (pro) service, you can pay $1.99 per month or $14.99 per year.

Elk, Exclusive Converter

Elk is an iPhone application that can be used to convert currencies wherever you are. So this one application will be a very useful application. This iPhone-only application is designed to work not only on the iPhone but also on the Apple Watch. The application will pull location data to convert currency for later display. On the iPhone, this app is capable of displaying a very powerful conversion table. This app is just as great when used on an Apple Watch, with a digital mode display that makes for a simple interface.

GarageBand For Musicians

GarageBand is an application that will turn users into musicians. GarageBand is a music creation app that lets you create anything from a symphony to a ringtone on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. You can even plug an electric guitar or similar instrument directly into your iPad or iPhone with the right accessories, of course. You can record directly on the application engine.

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