M2 Chip in New MacBook Air, Sound Quality Could Be a Big Star

MacBook Repair Jakarta - By now you've read enough of it in our different post. With the new MacBook Air finally released, and equipped with a new M2 chip and a new design.

Apple has presented a new laptop with the thinnest and lightest design at WWDC 2022 yesterday. The successor to Apple's best-selling laptop comes with a thickness of only 11mm and a weight of 1.24Kg. The screen is 25% brighter and comes with a new design. It's also the first Mac, along with the new 13-inch MacBook Pro, to equip the new M2 chip. This chip offers a 40% faster Neural Engine. Everyone is excited about the new MacBook Air for a variety of reasons, but interestingly, nothing particularly important is talked about.

We're talking about two hardware upgrades that we think a lot of people will be interested in. For audiophiles, lovers of sound quality or its sound system, the two features they appreciate most about the new MacBook Air is that it has support for Apple's technology for surround sound, namely Spatial Audio, in the integrated speakers themselves, and on the other hand. And here's the key, it has a 3.5mm audio jack connection which offers advanced compatibility with high impedance headphones.

Why is the New Audio Jack Port So Important?

To start explaining this, we should start by talking about high impedance headphones, which are the best models for audiophiles. Why? They usually use much thinner voice coils in their drivers (transducers), so they can be wound around without a lot of air between the wires. If done well, it allows for reduced sound distortion and better, sharper bass reproduction.

So shouldn't we all be buying high impedance headphones? The downside of all this precision makes these types of headphones much more difficult to operate. To try and simplify this a bit, impedance is a measure of resistance to electric current, and is measured in ohms: the higher the number, the more resistance. In general, low impedance headphones are considered to have an impedance of less than 50 ohms, while high impedance headphones are those with 250 or even 600 ohms.

Now, if you plug some high-impedance headphones into the headphone jack on a regular laptop, since the amp is designed with standard 32-ohm headphones in mind, the sound quality will be poor. This is because we definitely need impedance matching.

To get the most out of high-impedance headphones with the MacBook Air, you're going to have to buy dedicated headphones, and that's what seems to be changing now. While Apple hasn't provided detailed specifications about the connector, the fact that they claim that they offer "advanced compatibility with high impedance headphones" is something that looks pretty good.

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