Apple Unveils New M2 Chip, macOS 13, iOS/iPadOS 16, and MacBook Air

Service MacBook - Apple is once again at ease at its annual Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), announcing highly relevant developments, both in hardware and software. We summarize the highlights of the evening, with particular emphasis on what interests the musicians.

MacOS 13 Venture

The new Apple OS, called Ventura, is loaded with new enhancements and features. Among all, we will highlight its function-oriented features: first, the Visual Organizer, which brings together applications and windows/tabs in one view to easily move from one to another, keeping the inactive ones grouped on one side. In a workspace that looks like a new way, we can create application groups for specific tasks or projects, and organize them, resize them, or place them however we like.

Apple has also paid special attention to the search function, with Spotlight taking center stage. Search is now more comprehensive and shows all kinds of information about contacts, albums, artists, movies and more. Quick view has also been improved, so pressing the spacebar on the file will open in a large format that we can scroll through. Plus, the new Spotlight quick response gives you direct access to features, like shortcuts.

New Apple M2 Chip

The quiet and logical evolution of the M1 is the generation that started the transition from Intel, the main update of this M2 is that it allows 24GB to 100GB/s of memory and is 18% faster than the previous one. This processor has 8 cores (4 low consumption and 4 other high performance), as well as 10 graphics cores.

It's a gradual upgrade, without big jumps in any direction, but combines the excellent performance and power consumption figures of the previous chip. Apple is in a very strong position with its Silicon architecture.

MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 13" with M2 Chip

Apple's new laptop ignores the design tradeoffs that made it notoriously thin and opts for a more practical, less extreme approach, with a MagSafe charging port and two USB-C/Thunderbolt 4 ports. It incorporates a new new generation M2 chip, Liquid Retina display, HD camera. FaceTime 1080p and a four-speaker system, not forgetting the minijack port, which thankfully refuses to disappear. The update in terms of specifications, therefore, is very complete.

Special mention for the special: up to 18 hours, and can complete a charge to 80% in just 20 minutes. Also, to keep from losing the cool factor that has always characterized it, the new MacBook Air comes in four colors, with a matching MagSafe cable.

iOS and iPadOS 16

We start with iPadOS 16, more popular when it comes to music apps. We also have a major novelty, as in macOS, with Visual Organizer, here adapted to the characteristics of the iPad, but also allowing you to switch between multiple overlapping apps and create a workspace. For the first time we can see multiple windows on the iPad; although we won't be able to resize it, it's another step in the convergence between Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

As for iOS 16, it has a standout customization option that Apple seems to be letting go of many of its old quirks. For example the new option to customize the lock screen. We will be able to place favorite photos, change fonts, finally be able to add widgets and thus access a lot of information at a glance, without having to unlock. And we can design various lock screens as we like, moving from one screen to another with ease.

Collaborative functionality has also been enhanced, such as in the Messages app, where you can now share notes, presentations, reminders, or group Safari tabs, making them a tool for teamwork.

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