These are the Accessories of Choice for the iPad Pro M1

iPad Repair Jakarta - The iPad Pro M1 product has been officially sold in Indonesia! Apple uses the Apple M1 CPU for the iPad Pro M1 or iPad Pro released in 2021. Not a few users want to switch completely to the iPad Pro M1 product, because of the very powerful CPU usage.

To support the computing needs of using an iPad Pro instead of a Mac, or also to help maximize productivity, there are several accessories that you can use to complete it. here are some of them:

Apple Pencil Generation 2

Since its release in 2015, the iPad Pro has indeed become the first iOS product from Apple to support the Apple Pencil. Until 2021, now the iPad Pro M1 has used the second generation Apple Pencil which has a magnetic body for battery charging, synchronization and also with a matte surface design so that it is not slippery.

This one accessory is highly recommended for those of you who want to use the iPad Pro for various needs. Starting from drawing, making notes by hand or just an input method for playing certain games.

Magic Keyboard

Do you want to use iPad Pro M1 to type various tasks in the office such as weekly reports or write articles on blogs anytime and anywhere? The Magic Keyboard accessory from Apple can be an interesting and useful option to complement the iPad Pro M1.

The design used on the Magic Keyboard is attached to the back surface of the iPad and does not use a Bluetooth connection. Meanwhile, for the position of the iPad Pro M1 it will float and the tilt angle can be adjusted like an iMac screen.

This one accessory is directly connected using the Smart Connector located on the lower back of the iPad Pro M1 which is also a power access, so there is no battery in the keyboard. Magic Keyboard has also used Butterfly Keyboard technology like the MacBook Air M1 and uses backlit lights. .

More interestingly, there is a USB-C port available on the Magic Keyboard for charging. With this design, you can still connect other accessories in the Thunderbolt port on the iPad Pro M1, such as SSD accessories or additional monitors.

Tomtoc PadFolio Eva Case

If you often take your iPad Pro M1 for travel, it's better to complete your collection of accessories with a case or sleeve. The point, of course, is to protect the iPad Pro when it is stored in a bag or taken on a trip so that it is not easily scratched so that the iPad remains safe.

There are various sleeve or case products for iPad Pro M1 that you can try. Choose accessories that you can use to store iPad Pro M1 as well as to store all the accessories that you usually use, such as external SSDs, Apple, Thubderbolt cable pencils, and various others. Choose a sleeve design that is thick enough to be able to protect iPad Pro M1 safely from bumps and other objects in the bag.

Those are the 3 recommended accessory options for the iPad Pro M1 that you need to have. Choose according to your needs and can guarantee the security of the device you are using.

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