Daily Charging and Maintenance Tips for iPad

iPad Repair Services Jakarta - At the point of our discussion this time, your iPad should be ready for normal daily use for study purposes. Work with your family to carry out the treatment below, as this requires mutual agreement. With the aim that anyone who uses your iPad, can use and care for it properly.

Using iPad

Do not eat or drink while using iPad, or eat and drink near iPad at any time. Don't leave iPad where it's possible to step on, sit on, drop it, or spill water on it. When moving iPad from one place to another, carry it with both hands.

Also, don't let pets touch or sleep on your iPad. Then never press the iPad or hit anything with the iPad. Never use anything but your finger to touch the screen, and you don't have to press too hard when using your finger. There's no need to use a stylus or Apple Pencil on iPad when you don't need it.

Never put anything in the headphone port except the headphone jack, and when you plug it in and take it out, hold the plug, not the cord. One of the most common problems with iPads is a faulty headphone jack that gets stuck in the hole. Also be careful when opening or closing the stand on the back of iPad.

Using the Charger

Determine a safe place to charge iPad when not in use. Plug a charger, sometimes called a charger, into a wall outlet. Plug the USB end of the Lightning cable into the charger you have, then plug the other end of the Lightning Cable into iPad. Always hold the end of the cable when plugging and unplugging it; never pull the cord.

At the end of a day of use whether for study or work, be sure to plug in your iPad to charge. If you forget it for some reason, you can use iPad while it's plugged into a charger (emergency only). Be careful not to pull the cable accidentally.

How to Store It

Determine a safe place to store your iPad when not in use and not charging. Some families like to leave the iPad plugged in overnight. This is absolutely fine! Another family likes to close the iPad at night. That's fine too! However, your family should manage iPad charging and use in a good way to keep it going, as long as the iPad is charged daily and it stays safe.


Never remove the iPad case. This will ensure that the iPad in the case is kept clean and safe. To disinfect and clean the device, apply an alcohol disinfectant liquid (not gel) to a clean cotton cloth or paper towel, wipe the surface with a cloth, and allow the device to dry completely. Do not spray cleaners or liquids directly on the device. In addition, you are also prohibited from using household cleaners or water to clean the iPad.

Apple ID, Passcode, and Siri

Remember the instructions from this configuration procedure: please do not add Apple ID to the patented APSiPad. Do not set a passcode or screen lock. If you need to protect the device, physically close it. Don't configure Siri; If prompted to set up Siri, select "not now" or the option that says "on".

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