Alternative Open Two Applications Simultaneously, Try Split Screen iPhone

iPhone Repair Services Jakarta - Split screen iPhone can provide a solution for you iPhone users with large screen sizes. By using this one feature, you can open two applications at the same time on your iPhone or iPad. For example, you can open the WhatsApp application in the top window and also use the Google Chrome or safari application in another window to increase productivity.

iPhone is one of the smartphone brands that has a lot of fans. In this sophisticated smartphone there are features that allow users to be able to access and also use more than one application at a time. Yes, the feature is called split screen and also Multi Window mode. For those of you fans of multitasking on a device, then this one feature can be the right choice.

The iPhone Split Screen feature is also useful for users who have multiple accounts on various social media platforms, where they want to use them at the same time.

Then, How to Enable Split Screen iPhone?

It is important to you that this one feature is not available in every program, including some themes, streaming applications and video calling platforms. In more detail, here are some steps you need to follow to activate the iPhone Split Screen feature

  1. First, open your iPhone device
  2. Then, select the settings menu or settings
  3. After that, select Display and Brightness (Display and Brightness), then select View under Display Zoom
  4. Next step Click Zoomed > Set > click Use Zoom
  5. Then specify the application that you will display on the screen. Then show two apps on the toolbar.
  6. After that, open the main application that you will use to share the screen with the second application. If perhaps you don't want both apps to be displayed in the same size, then you can choose the one that uses the most off-screen.
  7. Next, at the bottom of the screen, drag upwards to open a toolbar that stores recently opened windows as well as pinned apps. We recommend that you start with the second application.
  8. To enable Split Screen iPhone, tap and hold an app on the screen. Then take it and move it to the first application screen until a thin rectangular box appears.
  9. Then you can drag it to any side as you wish. And release to position it. Then, a second app screen will appear next to the first app.

Ways to Split Screen on iPhone and iPad

When you use Split Screen iPhone, one app will appear with more screen space. Here are the steps to handle this:

  1. Tap the gray bar at the top of the second app, then move it to the side of your screen to temporarily remove it. If you want to show back to the screen, you can swipe from the side that you have previously hidden.
  2. If you want one app to use more space than the other, you can simply drag the bar between the apps left and right.

This app allows you to view two windows or two apps on your iPhone device at the same time.

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