iPhone 13: All the Problems So Far

iPhone Repair Services Jakarta - iPhone 13 has received many reviews from the media and several users. And while most have excellent reviews, proving that it really is Apple's best product to date, others have pointed to some disappointing issues that the Apple company needs to address. From software issues to compatibility issues, the iPhone 13 and later have struggled, but with a few updates it could get better. This is what has been mentioned so far.

Unlock with Apple Watch

Apple has identified the issue with its Apple Watch and iPhone 13 devices, as announced on its own support page. There doesn't seem to be enough time for testing as the "unlock with Apple Watch" option, which allows users to access their device with the option from their watch, is not working properly.

This only affects new devices, where a message appears saying that the phone cannot communicate with the Apple Watch. It's noted that it can happen if you try to open it while wearing the case, but there have also been reports of it happening without it. No date for the fix has been announced at this time, it only mentions that a future update will fix it. For now you will need to use a password to access the iPhone 13.

Pro Motion Display

One of the most interesting features of the iPhone 13 Pro is the 120Hz ProMotion display, which has one of the highest screen refresh rates to date. This one does work, but when used with a third-party app it runs back to 60Hz. This has been reported to Apple and, again, promises that a future update will fix it, but without saying an estimated date. This only happens on the Pro line, where this 120Hz display is integrated.

For now, there's not much users can do, just wait for the update. In general, browsing experience with native apps is not bad. But once we open an app like Instagram, the experience is gone.

Troubled Update

Something that happened with the iOS 15 update on different devices, but which also shows up on this iPhone line is the Instagram update error. Platform users can't hear their stories no matter how loud they turn up the volume. This is due to a bug that occurs when the phone is in silent mode. Here Instagram has to release a new version to fix it.

It's not uncommon to find that some apps crash at startup when implemented in new software. You want to see if it can be adapted to the environment or needs improvement. It's usually fixed with updates, so it's not a big deal.

Accessory Compatibility

This is something else that we can expect when the latest version of the device we have been using with certain accessories comes out. With the iPhone 13, the case that stands out in the online community is the Backbone Controller, which is considered the best on the market to play with the iPhone. A design change to the top of the camera makes it unusable with this device, and possibly some others. Backbone have released their own solution for this, but others will be more complicated to work with with this line. Annoying, but understandable.

For now, this is the shortcoming that most netizens have discussed online about the iPhone 13, which might make some people wait a bit before buying either the basic or the pro version.

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