Want Long Battery Life? Check Out these Easy Tips for Caring for a MacBook Battery

MacBook Repair Jakarta - MacBook performance and toughness do not need to be questioned anymore. Moreover, the latest release, of course, the device comes with the latest technology and also has a long battery life, making it more and more in demand.

But that doesn't mean this Apple portable computer can't be damaged. Bloated battery, problematic charger indicator, unable to charge are some of the damage that can occur to MacBook batteries that are often encountered by users.

In general, MacBooks use Lithium polymer (Li-on) batteries and are stored in the case. While some of them are also removable (easy to remove and install). For the latest MacBook series, all the batteries can no longer be easily removed because the bottom case must be opened first.

How Long Do MacBook Batteries Really Last?

The answer, MacBook battery life is not the same in all series. Normally, it can be used for 10 - 11 hours more if you buy it in new condition. However, it can only last around 10.5 hours when used to watch streaming video for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 2019.

Of course, battery performance can continue to decline if you don't know how to take good care of your MacBook battery. So that the battery is not damaged quickly and also lasts longer, here are some tips that you need to pay attention to:

Use Stavolt

One of the factors that can cause a bloated or damaged battery is due to an unstable power supply or electric current from the terminals. This Apple laptop is no exception. Generally, the power source generated by the generator is unstable. Electric current that goes up and down, can make the MacBook battery become damaged quickly.

Likewise, the electricity supply from PLN is sometimes unstable, so it is advisable to use a stavolt so that the power is stable from the MacBook charger to the battery. You can buy a good voltage and current stabilizer so that the power supply that goes to the MacBook charger and logic board is as needed and can also avoid bloated batteries.

Show Battery Percentage

You can find out how much remaining battery you can use by looking at the battery percentage in the menu bar in the upper right corner. Of course, this one feature must be activated first in order to display it.

As reported on Apple's website, this feature is used to monitor the Mac or MacBook battery, for example, the time it takes to use it without a power source to the terminal, charging the battery is full or not, and also to find out how much the length of time it takes to charge the battery.

Set Screen Brightness

Adjusting the screen brightness on a MacBook can also be one way to make the battery last longer or not run out quickly. Especially if you want to linger in front of a Mac laptop.

A screen that is too bright can quickly drain battery power. In addition, the eyes will not be able to linger in front of the MacBook screen if the brightness is set too high. No wonder the latest MacBook series has been equipped with an ambient light sensor feature that can detect the lighting in the surrounding area. Layer brightness can be adjusted manually or automatically according to your Mac device. Some MacBook series output or older models, do not have this one feature.

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