Easy Ways to Overcome a Mac that Suddenly Freezes

Service MacBook - One of the problems that may have been experienced by the computer is the device suddenly freezes or hangs. In these conditions, the computer cannot be operated so that sometimes in the end the solution that can be chosen is to turn it off by force. This can even happen to Mac computers from Apple though.

So what exactly can be done to solve problems like this? Turns out it's not that hard. Here are some problems that often make your Mac hang or freeze and how to fix them:

Time Machine running

Time Machine is a feature of the Mac that is useful in backing up data. The backup process also requires a fairly long process, especially if there are large files on the computer. In addition, when Time Machine is running, the computer can also experience a decrease in performance.

In this situation, it is better for you to stop other activities that are done using the computer. Alternatively, you can exclude Time Machine backups for large files.

Lack of RAM

The capacity of RAM that is too small can also be the cause of the computer hangs. Especially if the computer is often used to run various heavy applications simultaneously. Through Activity Monitor you can find out information on RAM usage by the computer system.

Application error

Computer hangs can also occur due to an error in an application. To know this is certainly not too difficult. Whenever something goes wrong with an app, the system on a Mac always pops up a notification. You just have to click the Reopen button to be able to open the application again and report an error to Apple.

Force Quit or Force Close

One way that can be considered quite effective when a Mac computer hangs is to take advantage of the Force Quit feature. This one feature is made to close an application that is hanging or experiencing an error. There are several ways to use Force Quit on a Mac, namely:

  • Use the shortcut Command + Option + Escape
  • Go to Activity Monitor by going to Finder > Applications > Utility > Activity Monitor. Here, you can force close the application by pressing the Kill Process option.
  • Pressing the Option key + right click to bring up the Dock window. Here, you can find the Force Quit option on the app that hangs.

Restart the computer

If it turns out that Force Quit is not effective enough to close an application that is hanging or the system on a Mac is unresponsive, then the next option that can be done is to restart the computer.

Those are some ways you can do when your Mac freezes or hangs. Actually there are several things that can be done to reduce the possibility of freezing again in the future.

First, make sure you're running the latest version of macOS. Another way is to avoid using heavyweight browsers. You can use Safari instead. Also, think again if you want to play performance-heavy demanding games on your device.

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