How to Fix Mac Shutting Down Unexpectedly?

MacBook Repair Jakarta - Deadline is coming and you are putting the finishing touches on your presentation and suddenly your MacBook pro shuts down unexpectedly and you lose all your data. Did it happen to you? Well, most of you would probably answer YES, and believe me, we can sense your panic.

There's nothing more annoying than when your MacBook pro keeps turning off. This is something that everyone is looking for answers to and the possible solutions. But still, they haven't been able to find anything that is real and that works at all. Well, don't worry, in today's article we are going to cover everything related to why your MacBook pro keeps shutting down unexpectedly. Be it possible causes, solutions and tips to prevent this from happening. So let's get started.

Why Does MacBook Pro Keep Turning Off?

The first thing you need to know is that it is most likely the cause of your MacBook pro continuing to shut down all of a sudden. You don't need to panic; this is not a problem that only you have to deal with. In fact, back in 2019, Apple officially acknowledged the problem and published an article to fix the problem. The most likely causes of a random Mac shutdown are:


Malware can always be the cause of all kinds of problems on MacBook pro. Make sure to keep your PC clean and perform regular checks.

Old OS version

Another big issue is having multiple older OS versions on your MacBook Pro, which can cause your MacBook to randomly shut down.

Software bugs

Make sure you only use the original version of the software and keep it up to date to avoid errors.

Peripheral device malfunction

Random shutdown of your MacBook can be caused by some peripheral devices that are malfunctioning or not compatible with your system.

How to Fix a MacBook Pro that Suddenly Turns Off?

Whether you have diagnosed the reason why your MacBook keeps shutting down randomly or not, what you want to know is how to fix this dead issue on your MacBook. Here are some methods that can help you fix this problem.

1. Check your Mac for malware

The next method that you can use to fix MacBook pro shutdown yourself is to perform a full scan for any malware on your MacBook. Malware can be the basis for all kinds of malfunctions in your MacBook. Make sure you always have a trusted scanner on your MacBook to keep your computer safe and clean. Also, remember to carry out regular checks for constant protection.

2. Reset your SMC settings

SMC, short for System Management Controller, is the chip in your MacBook Pro that is responsible for controlling almost all the vital functions of your MacBook, like battery, fans, power, etc. If there is some glitch or even a minor glitch in any of these components that is causing the MacBook Pro to shut down randomly, restarting normally would be the solution to that problem.

3. Reset PRAM

The next solution you should try for your MacBook pro random shutdown issue is to try resetting the PRAM. PRAM, also short for parameter RAM, might be the reason your MacBook Pro shuts down automatically. You should try a reset, to fix the error caused by it. The easiest way to do this is:

  • Turn on your system.
  • Press the "Option+Command+P + R" keys simultaneously.
  • Press and hold for 20 seconds.

4. Update or reinstall macOS

Another reason for your problem may be an outdated or corrupted macOS. The best option, in this case, is to simply install a new macOS or update your old version to the latest one and it should work.

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