Overcome and Prevent Overheat on iPhone and iPad Devices

iPad Repair Services Jakarta - Overheated (hot) devices are certainly the main problem experienced by many types of Smartphones, including iPhone and iPad. iPhone devices, from the iPhone 4 generation to the latest generation today, are indeed designed using metal materials (except for the iPhone 5c). The goal is to control the temperature in the smartphone device to avoid overheating.

But apparently, this does not guarantee that its use will avoid overheating problems on the device. There are many things that cause overhead, for example an increase in temperature that is too extreme, usage errors that "force" the smartphone to work too hard, run many applications at one time and others.

If the overheating problem is only underestimated, it can become a serious problem later. Where the problem is at risk of damaging several components, such as cellular chips, camera flashes and also cellphone screens. You can overcome and prevent overheating on iPhone and iPad devices, through the following methods:

Charge iPhone Before Traveling to Hot Temperatures

If you want to travel somewhere, it's better to pay attention to the condition of the place you want to pass later, does it have a friendly temperature? Or the place will be very hot. If the place is hot, it's better to make sure the iPhone battery is fully charged before leaving. So that it can minimize charging in hot places, where it can increase the heat of your iPhone device.

Turn Off Unnecessary Features

The mistake of many iPhone or iPad users is to use a device with an active bluetooth condition, even though the bluetooth feature is not being used. Therefore, if you find an incident like the one above, it's better to just turn off the feature. Then activate it if you want to use it. Similarly, activating cellular data connections in areas that are not covered, it's better to just turn it off. This can be very good in minimizing the occurrence of overheating on the iPhone or iPad.

Avoid Playing Heavy Games While Charging the Battery

Playing heavy games can drain hardware capabilities and also drain a lot of battery energy. Therefore, avoid playing games while recharging the battery, especially when you are in a hot place, for example when exposed to the hot sun. Or like when you are in the car, when you are stuck on the road, then charging the battery while playing games really needs to be avoided.

Keep iPhone and iPad away from High Temperature Objects

If you usually pile up your iPhone or iPad and powerbank that is being used to recharge the battery, then start avoiding doing this. This is because the heat generated by the powerbank later and the heat at the bottom of the iPhone when charging can be at risk of making the device overheat.

In addition, avoid placing the iPhone in other hot places, for example on top of the TV, near the oven, and so on.

Delete Unsupported Apps

If an application is made with very minimal support for a device, then the performance will feel forced. This causes the device to heat up quickly.

For example, for those of you who like to play games with high graphics levels, but are played on older devices such as the iPhone 3Gs or on the first generation iPad, it is very risky to overheat the device.

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