Action and Adventure Games You Must Try on iOS

iPhone Repair Jakarta - Currently, the choice of mobile games is not inferior to games on game consoles or on PCs. Yes, there are lots of games that we can download and also play in the grip of a smartphone, and iOS-based smartphones are no exception.

If you are a fan of action and adventure games, or want to try playing them via a smartphone, there are some game recommendations that you can try. Here's a list of exciting action and adventure games that you can play:

1. Dragon Hills 2

In Dragon Hills 2, you will become a zombie riding an iron dragon. In this game, you will explore a land full of dragons, giants, zombies, and many others as you slide down hills and destroy everything in the streets.

2. Marvel: Contest of Champions

As the name suggests, Marvel: Contest of Champions is well-known as one of the games that presents a row of superheroes and villains in various films. But in this game, the superheroes as well as the villains will face the final battle.

You can build your own team or form alliances with other friends. Throughout the game, you will also get the opportunity to increase your superhero character pool, level up, and receive synergies.

3. Limbo

This game that uses touch controls is set in the amazing story of a boy who wanders through a spooky industrial forest. There's no dialogue, but there are plenty of surprises that are sure to blow your mind. This fun game will make you think for hours until you finally realize how simple the answer really is. Interesting right?

4. Ocmo

Ocmo is a slightly more 'horror' game. Where you will be assigned to kill ragdoll rabbits while controlling Ocmo through different places. Throughout the game, you will face increasingly difficult obstacles especially when trying to control Ocmo to get to the rabbit without killing Ocmo itself.

With 80 levels and over ten hours of game time, you'll have plenty of time to get to know these little creatures and figure out how to successfully complete each level in the game.

5. Vikings: an Archer's Journey

In this game, you will control the character Nott, a Valkyrie who has been sent to hell by the Viking gods. You need to use your archery skills sharply to be able to conquer the enemies that you meet along the way.

6. Old Man's Journey

This game will tell you a very specific story about life and the choices we make (or don't make). You'll follow the old man as he travels across the country helping him along the way by changing the hills and landscapes in front of him. The old man will also interact with objects and people he meets throughout the game.

7. Life is Strange

The game was originally released in 2015 on PC and consoles, but now Life Is Strange is available for iOS. In the game, you will follow the story of Max Caulfield who eventually finds himself. Together with his best friend, he will conduct an investigation into the disappearance of a student at their school. The gameplay in this game is divided into 5 episodes that allow you to rewind time which can then affect the past, present, and also the future.

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