Best iPhone and iPad Apps for College Students

iPad Repair Jakarta - As technology advances rapidly, many applications are offered to technology users to make it easier for them to carry out various activities. No exception for students, now there are many mobile applications that can be used to study harder, manage schedules and do assignments better through gadgets.

Here are some applications that can be used to increase the productivity of iPhone and iPad users:

1. Page, Keynote, and Numbers (Apple iWork series)

For those of you who are spending a lot of time writing papers, preparing presentations and collecting data, it seems that this Apple iWork series application is a must have on your gadget. With the iCloud sync feature, all tasks, spreadsheets and presentations can stay in sync wherever you are. This application also provides an export feature to .doc, .xls and .ppt formats, so you can share documents with PC users. iOS and Mac users can download this useful application for free.

2. iTunes U

iTunes U is an application to get videos or documents of various sciences from various universities. Through iTunes U, you can download videos or documents from various universities in the world for free. To be able to access this application, you can download it in the iTunes Store.

3. Evernote

Evernote is one of the best note taking apps out there for iOS and Mac users. Evernote has several features including: tags, separate notebooks, iCloud sync, and many others. You can take pictures from the whiteboard or syllabus for certain courses. Not only iPhone, iPad and Mac users, with great synchronization support, this one application can also be accessed via PC and also the web. Evernote also provides cloud storage. If you want some of Evernote's premium features, you can subscribe to this app to enjoy more features.

4. Wunderlist

Wunderlist is a task and to do list application that is available on almost all existing platforms, including iPhone and iPad devices. With Wunderlist, you can create to-do lists, projects, due dates, notes and much, much more. This app can even help you to share lists with each other and also receive notifications when a new task is added, updated and completed. You can subscribe to Wunderlist for advanced features such as collaboration tools. However, the free version of Wunderlist is also complete enough for most students.

5. Dropbox

Dropbox has indeed become an important application for storing all assignments and college documents. You will get 2GB of free storage. If you choose the paid option, then you can use a larger storage facility. Dropbox allows you to access files directly from your iPhone, iPad and computer. Dropbox can help you keep all your important media within easy reach anytime and anywhere.

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