Interesting Hidden Features of iPadOS 15 That Are Rarely Known

Service iPad - Apple has never stopped developing features for each of its products, be it iPhone, iPod, Macbook or iPad. The iPad is now no less widely used by the people of Indonesia. Because in addition to having a wide screen, the performance of the iPad also doesn't disappoint, so users rarely find lags on the tablet they are using.

iPadOS 15 is the latest iPad operating system device that is increasingly sophisticated. Some people who have a new generation of iPad may find this one operating system update. iPadOS 15 is said to have a lot of new features, but only improves a few features from the previous iPadOS 14. The feature might appeal to some people who like a change or two.

But it turns out that there are a series of hidden features that are not explicitly explained by Apple! Of course, these hidden features will function in maximizing the use of these sophisticated devices. Quoted from various sources, here are some hidden features on Apple tablets that use the latest operating system iPadOS 15:

1. Can Use Physical Keyboard As Home Screen Navigation

Although the use of physical keyboards or physical keyboards is still limited to iPadOS 15, at least users can use arrow keys from the three physical keyboard applications to help navigate to the home screen and also to highlight or open applications and widgets.

2. The Safari Interface Can Be Switched Between Traditional Or Compact

If you want to have a wider screen in Safari, there is this option in Safari browser settings. To do this, you can go to Settings > Safari. On that page, you'll be presented with a new tab, where you can choose the appearance of the Safari interface.

3. There are additional wallpapers for iPadOS 15

Because of the many features found on the iPad, users sometimes forget to check the wallpapers contained in this sophisticated operating system. To check it, you can go to Settings > Wallpaper > Stills.

4. Instagram Landscape Mode Display Can Be Used On iPad

In the iPadOS 15 update, you can now create Instagram views using landscape mode. But by displaying this mode there will be a black border around it, as seen on the iPhone.

5. Can Activate Surrounding Background Sounds with a More Focused Or Relaxed One

The latest option that comes from the iPad now offers users to play "background sounds". Apple states that this feature will be very useful for dimming the surrounding noise, minimizing noise and helping you to be more focused, so that you can rest easy. You can go to Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual. On that page, you can choose several background sound options, such as:

  • Balanced Noise
  • Bright Noise
  • Dark Noise
  • Rain
  • Ocean
  • Stream

The rest, the user can also adjust the volume level of the ambient sound. If maybe you are easily distracted by ambient noise while working, maybe you need to take advantage of this one feature. Those are some hidden features of iPadOS 15 that you may not know about.

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