iPhone 5s, Is It Still Worth Buying?

iPhone Repair Jakarta - Thinking of buying an iPhone 5s? Why not? It is easier to manage and cheaper than the iPhone 6, it has other advantages, but also some disadvantages. You should be able to buy an iPhone 5s by now, even in today's fast-paced smartphone business. And if you want to use your next smartphone for at least two years, for example because you financed it with a credit purchase, then of course the question arises: Is the iPhone 5 outdated?

Perhaps, the iPhone 5s could look pretty good for now. First, Apple generally operates long-term product maintenance, and secondly, smartphone development has slowed down a bit. The technological leap from one generation to the next was even greater two or three years ago. But there are also several reasons to the contrary, which of course should be taken into account before buying an iPhone 5s.

4 Reasons Not to Buy an iPhone 5s

1. Weak resistance

The battery is undoubtedly the main lifeblood of the iPhone 5s and the biggest concession to its compact format. iPhone 5s lasts almost 5:30 hours if you use it continuously. In everyday life, often just use it for granted. Many apps and services in the background continue to drain battery power. And heavy users can hardly miss a day with the iPhone 5s. If you're looking for a smartphone that's as smart and compact as possible and want to use it like a cell phone rather than a mobile computer, you'll probably be a good fit for the iPhone SE.

2. Screen is too small

With a 4-inch screen, the iPhone stands alone. And experience shows: you quickly get used to smartphones with bigger screens, but if you want to use the iPhone 5s screen it will be difficult. In addition, websites, Internet services, or applications tend to gradually adapt to the proliferation of smartphones with larger screens. Anyone who has used a smartphone with a bigger screen should definitely take the iPhone 5s with you and find out for yourself if the screen size is enough for you.

3. Signal reception quality is average

The iPhone 5s may not be that bad, but it's also not that great in terms of limited signal delivery and reception quality. In a well-served area, you'll be able to get by with no worries, but if you have to live with poor cellular coverage, you may have to rely on a smartphone with better transmission and reception quality.

4. System closed

Be it storage or battery, with iPhone you have to live with what Apple has to offer. iPhones generally don't offer the option of simply replacing the old battery with a new one or, when in doubt, running on two batteries. The case must be opened for exchange, preferably by a professional iPhone repair service. And you can't just expand memory using a card. Officially, Apple only offers versions with 16GB and 32GB of memory, but the 64GB version is still available in stores today. We recommend at least 32GB of storage.

We all know, that any technology will not last forever. In other words, various electronic objects can be damaged even if we take good care of them. And when your Apple product is damaged, you can take it to our service experts at Dr Gadget iPhone repair Jakarta.

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