Increase Your Productivity with These Free Mac Apps

MacBook Repair Jakarta - Mac is a very extraordinary machine. The device is very well designed. That's how Apple works: be productive and look good too. Of course it's important for Mac users to be more productive with these devices. After all, higher productivity can also lead to better returns. In addition, you will also have more time to pursue other activities if your work can be done quickly. Therefore, here are some apps for Mac that can increase your productivity:


No doubt, if the first step to increase your productivity is to keep work organized. The best way to do this is to define what your goals are and prioritize the tasks you need to do each day to meet those goals. The Todoist app is an easy to-do-list where you can manage your daily tasks by documenting them, prioritizing them and also adding deadlines or due dates.

The best features you can use are:

  • Add, complete, and also reschedule tasks from mobile, desktop, browser, email and more.
  • Added sub-tasks, sub-projects, priority tasks and also color-coded projects
  • Automatically connects to all your devices
  • Share projects, assign tasks, add comments to team members from within the app and much more.

WiFi Photo Transfer

If you work with a lot of images, graphics, or videos, then you know how important it is to be able to access your media quickly and easily on different devices and be able to share files with colleagues in no time when needed.

Photo Transfer WiFi can help you do just that by making fast and hassle-free transfers between devices on the same W-iFi.

Features that can be enjoyed include:

  • Can be used to import HD videos to Mac from Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, or to other iPad Pros
  • Easy drag and drop operation
  • Make images accessible from your Mac to other users on the same WiFi network
  • Transfer photos, videos, albums, photos with full resolution


Where did the time go? It may be a mystery to many of us, but of course it doesn't have to be. If you want to understand how you spend your working day, then the Toggl Desktop app can be quite a helpful tool.

Every time you start a new task, you can enter it into the application and when you have completed the task you are logged out. At the end of the day, week or month, you will have a detailed record of how you spend your time at work.

The best features that can be enjoyed include:

  • detect laziness
  • task timer
  • keep track of reminders
  • timeline and much more

AudioNote Lite

AudioNote Lite is a brilliant application that will save you time and energy while improving the quality of the notes you take in meetings, lectures, interviews, or in study sessions. Basically this application is a combination of notepad and voice recorder.

The best features of this app include:

  • Sync notes and audio recordings
  • Ability to insert text, images, photos and also highlighter notes
  • Instantly find important audio parts with just a tap on a note
  • Audio amplifier for recordings made in larger conference rooms and more.

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