iPad Pro (2021) 12.9 inch in Design and Construction

iPad Repair Jakarta - iPad Pro 12.9″ does not show any changes in construction and design compared to the 2020 model, thus maintaining its 100% recycled aluminum construction.

On the front we'll find the typical iPad 4:3 screen, designed more for productivity tasks than for watching videos due to its taller height compared to the 16:9 screen. The screen is surrounded by narrow bezels and is symmetrical on all four sides. Although on Apple smartphones the bezels tend to disappear, on tablets it is necessary to have a certain frame around the screen to be able to support fingers while holding the tablet without disturbing what we are seeing.

When holding the tablet horizontally, the TrueDepth camera that integrates the Face ID system and the front camera is located on the left side. Their presence is not very noticed and you only realize that they are there if facial recognition fails because you covered the sensor with your hand.

Oddly enough, Apple didn't place the front camera at the top center so it would be centered when using tools like Zoom or Google Meet, which are often used with tablets in landscape mode. However, as we'll see later, the use of an ultra wide camera mitigates this problem.

The corners of the iPad Pro body are rounded, as are the corners of the screen. The use of aluminum in the chassis makes the iPad Pro stronger than other tablets with a glass coating. But even so, we have to be careful because scratches and bumps can be seen on the surface. The side edges of the iPad Pro are perfectly flat, following the design lines of the latest Apple devices, such as the iPhone 12.

If we look back, we find the square camera module in the top left corner, which looks similar to the iPhone 12 module. This module protrudes a little from the surface, but it's not distracting at all. At the bottom of the back surface, we can find three connectors that allow the Magic Keyboard to communicate with the iPad and receive power in a very convenient way.

Since we have tested this model with cellular connectivity, there are dark gray antenna lines on the top and bottom which actually break the uniformity of the aluminum to facilitate the transmission and reception of electromagnetic waves.

On the right side we can find the volume control buttons and, in models with cellular connectivity, the compartment for the nanoSIM card. In the middle we can find a magnetic connector that is in charge of keeping the Apple Pencil sturdy. On the left side there are no buttons and connectors. At the top we will find the power button and two speakers. At the bottom is the USB Type-C connector and the bottom two speakers on either side of the connector. Being a tablet aimed at a more professional audience, Apple has opted for softer colors than other iPad models: Silver and Space Grey. The model we tried was space gray which in our opinion has a very elegant appearance.

The iPad Pro 12.9″ is a fairly thin and light tablet considering its size, as it is 6.4mm thick and weighs 682/685 grams (WiFi / WiFi + Cellular). Now, compared to the 2020 model, it is a little "fat" because it previously had a thickness of 5.9 mm and a weight of 641/643 grams. This increase in thickness may be due to the mini-LED display or due to a slight increase in battery capacity. After all, it's still a very thin tablet.

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