A Must-Have Accessory for Your iPad

iPad Repair Services Jakarta - Since its launch, the iPad has indeed become one of the most favorite gadgets to date. Apart from the iPad itself, there are various complementary accessories that are also booming in the electronics market.

Quoted from Business Insider, some of the accessories below can add to the functionality of your iPad. Bukam is just a gadget used for playing games, browsing the internet or listening to music, but as a multimedia device to a tool to support professional work. What are these accessories?

1. Apple's Official iPad Case

To make your iPad last longer, you can protect it with a special iPad case from Apple. This iPad case is designed to be quite multi-purpose, which can be used as a simple cover, or the front cover can be folded back which can function as a backrest for your tablet PC. You can buy this iPad case through the official Apple website.

2. Screen Protector

There are two types of glass protectors that you can choose from: anti-spy or 'crystal film'. Anti-spy or anti-glare is designed to make iPad look like it's not turned on. Of course it will be very appropriate to use if you don't want other people peeking at what you're working on on the iPad. As for the type of 'crystal' film, it only functions as a screen protector for the iPad so that your device is not easily scratched or scratched.

3. iPad Backup

Now there are many types of iPad backrests on the market. If you use iPad as a workbench that can be placed on a table, you need to choose a backrest that can be used both horizontally and vertically. Or, you can also choose the Keyboard Dock, which is an iPad backrest that is equipped with a keyboard to make it easier for you when you have to type emails or documents with a long number of characters.

4. Speaker Dock

Although the iPad is equipped with a built-in speaker, some users may still feel that the sound produced is lacking. Speaker dock can be a solution to deal with this problem. Use it when you want to watch TV or listen to music from your iPad.

5. Bluetooth Keyboard

The keyboard that has been integrated into the iPad can indeed be used if you only want to type a short URL or email. But if you want to take long notes from the iPad, you better complete it with a keyboard.

6. Battery Booster

The iPad is indeed a device that has a fairly durable battery life. But if you are likely to be far from a power source, of course having a battery booster can help. Battery booster can increase the battery life of your iPad.

7. iPad Stylus

This pen-shaped tool can help you operate iPad more easily. Especially for activities that have a lot to do with drawing. The stylus is also very useful if you're a clean-spirited person, who doesn't want to leave fingerprints behind or litter the iPad's screen.

8. iPad Camera Connection Kit

By using this gadget, you can transfer photos from the camera directly to the iPad, without the need to connect it to a PC or Macbook. This one device includes two connectors: USB and SD.

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